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Tender breasts are only one sign of pregnancy but there are other reasons that your breasts could be tender.

If you miss your next period, take a pregnancy test.

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Q: Your breasts are tender but im not late yet could you still be pregnant?
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I don't have tender breasts can I still be pregnant?


If my breasts do not hurt but i have other pregnancy symptoms could i still be pregnant?


What are some reasons for having tender nipples?

If you are under the age of about 21, it could mean that your breasts are still growing. If there is a chance that you could be pregnant, it can also be a sign of pregnancy. It can also be a sign that your period is arriving soon.

Are you pregnant if your breasts are still tender after period?

After priod generally no one can get pregnant, because period is just completed and tender breasts are not a sure sign of pregnancy. But in some cases period like bleeding is present even after pregnancy, so one should confirm pregnancy after the test.

I recently had left tube removed about two weeks ago i still feel pregnant having morning sickness breasts still tender and the hardness is increasing in stomach could i still be pregnant?

It takes time for the pregnancy hormones to settle so that is probably it. Until they do the body still think it's pregnant and the symptoms will remain.

You had a miscarriage a month ago and you've been having tenderness in your breast for about a week now could you be pregnant?

well depending on how far where you with the previous pregnancy but your breasts can still be tender but it doesnt mean necessarily that you are pregnant again....JS

You were seven days late for your period could you still be pregnant?

It is possible. I suggest you take a test. Your first sings will be a missed period, swollen tender breasts, weight gain, morning sickness etc.

What are the chances of being pregnant if you have been on the pill for 2 years you use a condom every time you havent missed a period but your breasts have been tender for a month and a half?

taking the pill can cause tender sore heavy breasts but if your still unsure see your doctor

How do you know if your breasts are growing?

Your breasts will be very itchy and ur nipples will be tender and soft if they are still growing larger.

You have been having food cravings fatigue nausea tender breasts and slight weight gain but you are still having your period is it possible you are pregnant?

yes it is posuble you could be pregnant, some women bleed all the way through there pregnancy, normally it is lighter tho.

Could you be pregnant if you're having pregnancy symptoms such as a metal taste in your mouth tender swollen bluish veins on breasts and frequent urination and fatigue but you're also bleeding?

It is still possible to have bleeding during pregnancy, you should still consult a Doctor because if you are pregnant the bleeding could be symptoms of certain pregnancy complications that could become dangerous, possibly life threatening.

Can you be pregnant without sore breasts?

I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I still didn't feel any soreness in my breasts.

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