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vacuum lock

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Q: Your car gas tank will not take the gas?
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How do you get the gas out of the car?

Siphon it out of the tank. Feed a hose into the gas take and create a vacuum to remove the gas. Have tank or bucket ready.

What do we call a place where we take petrol for our car?

In the US, we get gasoline for our car at a gas station. It goes into a gas tank.

What if you put marbles in the gas tank of a car?

ur car will take a dive on u

How do you remove gas tank on 1997 Cadillac deville?

take out inside the car

How many liters of gasoline will it take to fill the gas tank in a car?

That varies dependent on the capacity of the vehicle's tank.

Where you put gas in the car?

Into the gas tank.

How to replace Fuel pump in 1997 Chevy Monte Carlo?

take the gas tank out of the car and go from there, the pump is in the tank.

Where is the fuel pump at on a 1994 Eagle Summit?

in the gas tank, u gotta take the gas tank off from under the car that's wat i had to do there is some straps and u take them off and it should come off and it will be in the center of ur gas tank

How do you change the gas tank out of a 94 camaro?

How do I take gas tank off 94 camero and what tools will I need. I will draining the old gas out of the car and putting on a new fuel filter.

Is a gas tank of a car ml or l?

The volume of the gas tank of a car is measured in litres (L) or Gallons (Gal).

Can oil damage gas tank?

it can damage your car. your gas tank is just a tank with gas, it's kind of hard to damage it.

How to access to fuel pump in a 1996 Camero?

its in the gas tank. unfortunately you have to take the ank out of the car.

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