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First off what kind of car is it? 1. try putting it in a low gear. 2 check your Transmission Fluid level it could be low. Camaro z28 5 speed. When it is under load as the revs increase it looses power? Exhaust?

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โˆ™ 2009-08-07 02:48:24
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Q: Your car has no power going up hills?
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Why your car loses power going up hills?


Has no power going up hills?

Just had a rebuilt transmission still have no power going up hill

What can slow your car down going up hills?

gravity. Going uphill is always harder thatn going along the flat.

What gives hybrid car its power to make it up big hills?

it's big battery's.

Are car lacks power specially while going up hill?

There could be many reasons why a car will lack power when going up a hill. The car could need a tune up or the transmission maybe having problems.

Why does your transit lose power going up hills?

Generally when we are going up hill because of the gravity pull, more power is needed. So when traveling uphill more power is needed than downhill.

What is causing a hesitation usually when the car is going up an incline?

Mine hesitated going up hills when I bought. Plugs and wires took care of the problem.

Why does your car jerk going up hills?

You are running out of fuel. As you are going up the hill, the fuel is sloshing around causing sudden fuel starvation to the engine.

Why does my car lack power going up hills and steep climbs?

hi, it could be your air flow meter / air flow sensor if it's a late model car same problem happened to me in my 96 landcruiser.

2008 ford f150 loses power going up hills what is the problem?

Its a Ford, that's the problem,

My 97 kia sportage has no power going up hills?

if the vehicle is running properly(regular maintanance, tune-ups etc..), you have to downshift on inclines if your vehicle is standard shift. if automatic, disengage overdrive while going up hills.

Why does a 1997 Honda civic HX loose power going up hills?

Because it is a Honda with a tiny motor.

Power window only goes up an inch at a time.?

If the power windows in a car are only going up an inch at a time, the motor may be going out. You need to take the car to get serviced before the windows completely stop working.

What would cause a 2005 KIA RIO to lose power going up hills?

Fuel Pump problem or clogged converter

How do you fix a rattling or chattering sound coming from the engine on a 2001 Toyota sienna when going up hills or accelerating rapidly?

Get a new car................ -___-

Your1995 Villager van is losing power and then regaining it when going up hills sort of surging what is this?

If it is an automatic transmission going uphill it will downshift to a lower gear for more torque.

What would cause a car to not want to take off when started or want to go up any type of hills?

That would be your transmission Also do not forget to check your spark plug cables. I had an issue going up hills and it turned out to be the cables.

What causes a car to hesitate going up hills?

Most likely you have an ignition misfire. Check ign coils, ign wires, spark plugs etc.

Why when your car goes up a hill it loses power?

It loses power because going uphill is harder then going downhill therefore causing it to use more gas and then making it lose power bit by bit.

Mitsubishi Galant losing power up hills-overdue on lube and oil change cause this?

A late oil change will not cause of car to lose power. Oil is used to keep the engine components lubricated. The lose of power may be coming from the car running to lean. Take to the car to receive a diagnostics test.

Why your manual car cuts off while driving with air condition on?

depending on what car it should cut out because the engine is being sapped of the power by the a.c and the gearbox stalls espicially up hills.

How do you stop your power locks from going up and down on your 1986 Lincoln town car?

let go of the button

What causes engine misfiring on aceleration and climbing hills?

I had this problem until I had the timing corrected. It is a very cheap and easy thing to do but best to get a proper service centre to do it. If the timing is slightly out the car will backfire and be sluggish when going up hills and acelerating.

What happens when changing gears from overdrive to 3 and why to do it on hills?

Going up hills doesn't allow engine to "lug" and overheat Going down hills supplies engine braking for safety and will prevent brakes from fading and overheating

Why 88 Toyota truck loses power going up hill?

I have an 88 EFI truck and it loses speed (not necessarily power) going up hills because it is a manual transmission and it is geared low... and also if you are in higher altitude. Mountains ect..the electronic fuel injection may need to be redone.