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OK, find the leak and repair it.

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2007-07-03 16:06:23
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Q: Your cavailer is leaking antifreeze like a faucet?
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Whats a simile to blood was leaking out of them like?

One sentence could be "Blood was leaking out of them like water from a faucet."

How do you repair a leaking bathtub faucet with anti scald?

like i care

Why is there antifreeze leaking from a head bolt?

sounds like the head is cracked.

Why does your car sound like it is drinking antifreeze and disappear when you put it in but it is not leaking on the ground?

If losing anti freeze but not visible leaking typically means bad head gasket. Antifreeze is leaking into combustion cylinder and therefore evaporating and going out exhaust pipe as steam.

Why does the ac smell like antifreeze in your 97 hombre?

Only reason would be that the heater core is leaking.

What is the bluish fluid leaking from your 2005 mini cooper?

Mini (like BMW) uses a blue antifreeze

Why a white air that smells like antifreeze is coming out of car heaters?

white air that smells like antifreeze coming out of heater, indicates that you need to replace the heater core in your is leaking

What is causing your 2000 jeep wrangler to smoke and smell like antifreeze?

Probably a blown or leaking head gasket.

What antifreeze leaking from top of engine?

Sounds like you may have a cracked cylinder head. Get an expert to look at it SOON.

Why would there be pink fluid on the floor of the passenger side?

Sounds like heater core is leaking and what you are seeing is antifreeze

What would be the problem if you replaced the water pump and thermostat 3 times you have enough coolant but it looks like it is leaking anti-freeze?

What other symptoms besides leaking antifreeze? Where do you see the anti-freeze leaking?

How do stop antifreeze from blowing on the inside of windshield?

Sounds like heater core is leaking, replace heater core or bypass

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