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Remove the handle, turn off the water with a wrench and reatache the handle in the correct position. Good Luck

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Q: Your cold water faucet handle broke in your tub and shower and after you replaced it now cold water continuously comes out of faucet how can you fix this?
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How do you convert a triple handle shower faucet to a single handle faucet?

No conversion, it would need to be replaced with a single handle faucet.

Is it possible to go from a three handle tub shower faucet to a two handle tub shower faucet?


How do you fix it if you turn faucets off in your shower but water continues to run?

Could be bad washers and they need to be replaced or something broke in the handle of the faucet.

How do you replace the valve in a Moen shower single handle faucet The faucet was installed in 2004. When you turn the handle to the left for hot the water stops. Hot water is present in the sink?

Turn the water off to the faucet. Remove the handle. The top of the faucet should unscrew to get to the ball valve. Replace the valve and gaskets then reassemble the faucet.

What could be the problem if water is continuously running from the shower head but the water is turned off?

You probably need new gaskets in your faucet.

Why does only hot water come out of the bath shower with the cold turned on?

First make sure that the hot and cold supply lines (the plumbing) aren't backwards (hot should be on the left as you are facing the faucet) or that someone accidentally ran two hot lines. For the problem to be in the faucet itself you would have to have a single handle faucet. If this is the case the control valve is broken and should be replaced. Three handle Left= Hot Water Flow. Right= Cold Water Flow Center= Controls whether the water comes out the shower head or tub faucet. Two handle Left= Hot Water Flow Right= Cold Water Flow (Diverter Valve is elsewhere if it's a tub/shower) Single handle One handle controls both water pressure and temperature

My valley shower and bathtub faucet is leaking?

The system may need a rebuild. depending on the brand, the faucet can have the internal ball and gaskets replaced to stop the leak.

Shower Faucet ?

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How do you take off the handle on a single handle American Standard shower faucet?

Look under the handle for a small ALLEN SCREW (hex head). Loosen it and slide the handle off.

How do you replace faucet handle to shower?

Take the end cap off, unscrew the screw in the handle, take off handle, put exact same new handle on, screw it down, put cap back on.

Convert double stem shower to single stem?

Moen part #1920 and a brand new Moen single handle faucet

How do you fix a shower from leaking?

Gather Tools and Materials. ... Turn Off the Water Supply and Open the Faucet. ... Remove the Handle Cap, Handle and Faceplate. ... Remove the Locking Clip. ... Remove and Replace the Cartridge. ... Replace Other Parts and Test. ... Remove the Metal Stem in a Shower Faucet with Two Handles. ... Replace the Metal Stem if Needed.