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Q: Your doctor wants to open your cervix while pregnant is this safe?
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Can the cervix open when you are not pregnant?

Yes the cervix can open while preganant.. So be very careful!!

Does the IUD string enter the cervix if pregnant while on the IUD?

No, that wouldn't normally happen.

How thick is a cervix?

during pregnancy your cervix is usually 4cm or 40 mm whatever your using to measure. Not sure if its different while your not pregnant

What is an obstetrics doctor?

An obstetrician is responsible for the pregnant moms health while pregnant and is usually the doctor delivering the baby

Can I take this while pregnant?

If you are pregnant you need to consult with your doctor before use.

Do you have periods when you are pregnant?

no No; go see a doctor ASAP if you have bleeding while pregnant.

Can you use Fentanyl while pregnant?

Ask your doctor

Can you have invisalign while pregnant?

Yes you can, but you have to tell your doctor.

My friend wants to get pregnant and her doctor told her to take her base temperature and an ovulation test while on birth control not a minipill will it have an accurate reading of ovulation?

Follow the doctor's advice exactly. If you are confused, ask the doctor again--or see another doctor.

Can you dush while im pregnant?

Doucheing while pregnant is a very bad idea. This can cause serious infection to the vaginal area, including the cervix, which can inturn, be harmful to you're unborn baby.

Is it normal if you are 39 weeks' pregnant and have a jelly discharge?

Yes this is normal. There is a thick mucous plug in your cervix while you are pregnant. A few days or weeks before you deliver, as your cervix softens and you begin to dilate, this jelly like plug will fall out.

Will a doctor give you birth control while being pregnant?


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