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You dog needs to go to vet immediately. get help now!

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How many minutes can orcas stay under water without breathing?

The common dolphin can hold their breath for up to 15 minutes without coming to the surface. The ocra is actually a large dolphin.

When was Coming Up for Air - Breathing Space album - created?

Coming Up for Air - Breathing Space album - was created in 2007.

Your cat is laying flat o her stomach and panting sometimes?

your cat, if not yet nutered must be coming into season. Nothing to worry about x

When does Santa Claus is coming to Greece?

in 2 minutes

When is lil Wayne coming to Toronto?

in about 15 minutes.

What are some signals of breathing emergencies?

Chest is not moving. no air is coming out of the nose. Heart stops beating.

How can you tell something is breathing?

their stomach mooves... and or they would have some type of sound coming from their mouth or nose.

What substance come in from the outside during cellular respiration?

If by respiration you mean breathing, the substance coming in is oxygen.

When is SpongeBob truth or sqare coming?

Yes it is coming. Havent you seen all of the commercials. There on like every 5 minutes.

What time are you coming?

I'll come in 20 minutes on a bad day.

In how much time the light is coming from sun to earth?

Eight minutes

How can you check the breathing of a person?

by the stomach moving up and down or you can feel the air through the mouth wich is coming out

What is the verb for breath?

The verb for breath is breathe.Other verbs are breathes, breathing and breathed.Some examples are:"I breathe in the fresh air"."She breathes a sigh of relief"."I can hear breathing coming from my wardrobe"."Ew! He breathed on my cake!"

What if your daughter had an accident in your car?

First, you would need to call the ambulance, and while the ambulance is coming, you would check her breathing, and etcetera.

How do you get to Delft?

Depends from where you are coming from. Delft is easily connected with regular trains coming from both Rotterdam and Amsterdam. This will take you around 20-30 minutes.

When is The Breathing Dead a Vampire Tale by A M Esmonde coming out?

The Trailer on you tube says summer 2009.

How far is Decatur?

Well, it depends on where you are coming from, but it's about 15-20 minutes east of Atlanta.

What are the release dates for 60 Minutes - 1968 Aleppo Coming Home James Bond 45-3?

60 Minutes - 1968 Aleppo Coming Home James Bond 45-3 was released on: USA: 14 October 2012

What are the Complexities coming in the business environment?

the complexities coming into the business enviorment are that pickles and soap blobs will take over the planet in a matter of minutes with the help of insane penguin

How long is the subway ride from The Bronx to Manhattan?

It depends on where in the Bronx you're coming from, and where in Manhattan you're going. The shortest travel time would be 5 minutes, if you're coming from the southernmost station in the Bronx, and going to the northernmost station in Manhattan. The longest travel time would be an hour and a half or an hour and forty minutes, if you're coming from 241st Street and going to Lower Manhattan. So the average travel time would be about 45 minutes.

What is the force of a head coming in contact with a goal post?

enough to knock you out for a few minutes(speaking from experience)

How long does mail take coming from LincolnshireIll to Keokuk IA?

My Emails take about 1second to 5 minutes

Can you die after breathing in water particles?

Considering that air contains a huge number of water particles in it, no. Unless you are in the desert or it is below freezing, there are water particles in the air. If you breathe out in the cold you see a fog coming out of your mouth. That fog is cause by water particles you are breathing out.

What are the release dates for 60 Minutes - 1968 Coming Home Sergeant Bill Brain Power 41-6?

60 Minutes - 1968 Coming Home Sergeant Bill Brain Power 41-6 was released on: USA: 2 November 2008

What up and coming all-girl band does the 'Neat Line' dance and was featured on 60 Minutes?

Its the veronicas the were on a show like the show 60 minutes.

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