Your girlfriend told me that she took acid should i break up with her?


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Why are you dating my girlfriend?

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I think so since he betrayed your trust but it's up to you if you want to chance it.

You can give it a try, and her actions will tell you if she was true to you or not, but be careful. Trust your gut feeling.

Lol you sort of screwed up You should let her know you said that under pressure and just break up, you should never be pressured into saying something you don't want to be pressured into

He told really hurts but we should move on.............

It means that you should tell him you like him, and tell him that you have heard that he likes you in return. Good Luck, and you must be worth it for him to break up with his girlfriend. haha Good luck

Yes! You should tell her, you should also tell him how that made you feel. Think about it, you'd want to be told!!!!

Jerry did unfortunately when he told George he broke up with his girlfriend. George and Jerry made a deal that they would both finally have a long lasting girlfriend.

i would break up wit him or tell that its not very funny when you are serious

There is little you can do, he has told you that he does not want to break up with her so if he goes out with you he is being unfaithful to her and just using you. You will get hurt.

You should not get the guy to break up with his girlfriend only because, it is very wrong, because you have to look at how the other girl would feel, and think about if it was you. You don't want to be with a guy who would listen to what other people think, and break up with his girlfriend just cause someone told him too. It's completely wrong, and I don't think you should do it. There is other people out there, and besides, if it wasn't meant to be for them, it will happen natrually. But, don't force it onto them. The guy may just think your crazy if you do this.

what do you have to lose? if you have feelings for this 22year old guy then you should go for it, however, be aware of the consequences involving the age difference and the fact that he already has a girlfriend.

Yes you should tell her that he is cheating. Because later, it will hurt her if not told.

Forget that loser. He needs to man up. People don't change. If he dumps his current girlfriend for you, it means he will eventually dump you for another girl.

You should continue in your plan to break up; the "bad words" are just further evidence that he does not care for you, only for himself. Move on and find someone who does care about you.

No, you should just listen to her, and loose some weight, its nothing to be offended by.

is this girlfriend fictional? If so, you should just fess up. It's pretty hard, but it will be better than any other solution.

Laugh and recognize that no one can accurately predict the future.

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