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no , but if it turns your finger purple you have AIDS

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You could if you wanted to. It's not like she will get pregnant.

It could be splinter hemorrhages.

It is possible that she could be pregnant if you had sperm on your fingers. She should take a pregnancy test if she misses her next period

it is not gold, it could be gold plated or brass

Yes, if a condom breakes and the sperm gets out into the vagina, you can get pregnant. You can also get pregnant if there's sperm on a finger, and it goes up your vagina.

It is most unusual for any kind of female adult livebearer to be not pregnant. The ventral fin in a female livebearer is triangular in a male it is finger shaped.

It is very possible that you could depending on how well you wipe your fingers off if you massively wash your fingers you should be fine.

No you could not become pregnant-from semen on your finger because the only way you become pregnant is when the semen enters the body when the penis is inside the body in other words if the sperm cells hit the air before they enter the vagina the sperm cells instantly turn white and die. They are actually clear. so no he had to have his penis inside you and cum.

I bet I have typed this 100 times. Any time sperm come into contact with the vagina in or around a preg. could occur.

if you've just tossed a boy off and you finger yourself there is a slight chance you could be pregnant and have HIV

no it's not going at a fast speed and twisting and turning could be dangerous for your baby in your stomach

Yes, you could get pregnant You can also become infected with a sexually transmitted disease this way. If your boyfriend has so little consideration for you as to take such risks like this (the possiblity of becoming pregnant or giving you an STD), you may need to re-think your relationship with him.

His name is spelled "Sirius Black". The short version is that he escaped by turning into a dog, which no one knew he could do since it was a secret that he was an Animagus.

Normally, it just means they want to wear that ring on their middle finger. But: Wearing a black ring on the middle finger to some is a sign that the wearer is asexual. Not everyone knows this, so some could be wearing it and don't know.

There are tens of thousands of sperm in a single drop of semen, if the girl was to ovulate around the time of sexual contact yes she could become pregnant.

Theoretically, this could happen. however, this is extremely unlikely, considering the number of sperm cells release during ejaculation compared to the amount that would be on your finger.

You could have sex and get pregnant,you could have ivf treatment...

Could u be pregnant and not know

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