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Urine pregnancy tests normally detect >25. A result below that could indicate very early pregnancy, or the tail end of a miscarriage.

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Q: Your hcg is 15.9 but your urine pregnancy test is negative what might be your condition?
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Can you test positive with a urine pregnancy test and negative on the blood?

No not unless your a troll

Do anti sisure medications cause false negative urine pregnancy test?

As they are strong drugs it can affect the pregnancy test.

Can holding urine long before a pregnancy home test cause you to get a negative test?


What if your period is missed when you are young?

I will do the urine pregnancy test. If it is negative, reassurance and observation is the therapy.

Can a female use male urine to pass a urine pregnancy test?

A urine pregnancy test tests for the "preg hormone" in the urine, which is at a higher level when a woman is pregnant. However, I'm not sure what you're trying to accomplish; a pregnancy test isn't a "Pass/Fail" scenario; it tells you if you're pregnant or not. Male urine on a pregnancy test should test negative.

Did urine pregnancy test become negative in the second or third trimister?

No as long as there is a baby on board you will continue to spill hormones in your urine.

Why would a test show negative when 20wks pregnant?

Home pregnancy tests only measure hCG (the pregnancy hormone) up to a certain level. If you hCG levels are higher than what the tests reads then you can end up with a false negative.

You are on implanon and do not have a period however you are showing symptoms of pregnancy?

when in doubt, assume you are pregnant. then take a urine pregnancy test, and if that is negative. then you can also check by getting a blood pregnancy test.

If your period is 10 days late but 10 urine tests all came back negative is pregnancy still possible?

Yes, because blood tests detect pregnancy earlier than urine tests do.

What happens when a man pees on a home pregnancy test?

Nothing. It comes as pregnancy negative. Pregnancy test relies on the presence of Beta HCG in the urine for the detection of pregnancy. It is absent in normal healthy male.

Is it possible to be 10 weeks pregnant and get a negative urine test if you do?

Some women do not get a positive pregnancy test will late in their pregnancy , if even. A blood pregnancy test is the best way to go.

If your period is late and a urine test was negative would you have any pregnancy symptoms if you have low hemoglobin?

Being anemic would make no difference to either pregnancy tests or pregnancy symptoms.