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Call someone to repair the outdoor unit and the vents will blow cool air.

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Hole in your transition betweenfurnace an the evaporator will this cause the evaporator to freeze up

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Q: Your outside unit is not running and the vents are blowing warm air?
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Why is the fan running in the unit outside but no air blowing on the inside?

compressor not running

Why is my Air conditioner on but not blowing?

You mean the outside unit is running and blowing but the inside unit is not blowing? Shut it off! Who ain't blowing? Elaborate please..

Why is your outside ac unit blowing cool air?

the compressor is not running. Check your breakers.

Why is air conditioner running outside unit but not blowing inside?

If your air conditioner is running outside by not blowing cold air inside through your vent, your indoor coil is frozen. You will need to turn everything off and allow the unit to thaw out.

How cold should the air be blowing out of the vents when the central AC unit is running properly?

There should be at least a 12 degree split between the incomming air and the air comming out of the vents.

What could be wrong if the fan on outside air conditioner unit is not running but there is air blowing out the vents?

There are several reasons, No power to the out side unit, contactor could be bad, low voltage wire from inside to the outside can be broke, the capacitor could be bad or the motor it self is bad. also if it is not an entry level unit, it may have low pressure switch and low freon charge witch will not anything to run.

What is wrong with the air conditioning unit if it is running outside but no air is blowing in the vents inside?

The blower motor is not working due to a bad motor, broken blower wheel, or capacitor. It could also b due to a very dirty evaporator coil or simply a very dirty filter

Air conditioner not blowing cold air on hot day?

The first thing to check is that the outside unit is running. That the compressor and the Fan is running. If they are running, then have the Freon pressure in the system checked. You may be low on coolant.

Why does the fan outside on my unit stop running but air still comes out the vents in the house?

I asked that question when I got a new air conditioner and was told that it is a circulating fan. This is what it is supposed to do.

What steps can a homeowner take to keep the air conditioning system running good.?

Make sure you keep the vents and the filter clean. Keep brush away from the outside of the unit as well. If the unit is in the sun, it might help to shade it.

What is the proper ratio between outside unit tonnage and the number of vents the unit can handle?

Too little information given to answer this question. The number of vents is determined by the duct sizing and the indoor unit fan capacity. There are several other factors that determine the number of vents that a system can handle.

Should outside unit be running when inside thermostat is set on heat?

Only if the outside unit is a heat pump.

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