Your penis is 2 inches long when not hard and you are not circumcised should you get circumcised?

There is no reason why a person should get circumcised. The foreskin is a natural and helpful part of the penis as it is endowed with over 20.00 nerves especially designed to make sex more pleasurable. it also protects the glans penis and stops it from drying out and hardening as a result of constant friction on clothing. there are many more reasons for keeping your penis intact which probably explains why over 80% of the men of the world are intact and not circumcised. there are no extra risks involved from infectious diseases for a person with a natural foreskin. just a better sexlife.

It's up to you but if your sexually active you'll have a higher chance of diseases and other transmitted diseases then you would if your circumcised. Trust me being circumcised has it's advantages.