Your penis size is 4.5 inchis it normal for you to have a pleasing sex life?


Any size penis above 5" in length and 4.7" in girth (1.5" in diameter) that is long lasting and the owner knows how to use it will give his wife wonderful sex. However, from a girl/woman's point of view there is nothing comparable to being stretched and filled and the extreme friction of an extra large penis that is above 7" in length and 5.5" in girth (1.75" in diameter), as well as, being long lasting. With a large penis it is easier for the woman to have a vaginal orgasm, as well as, a clitoral orgasm and sometimes multiple orgasms. It is not impossible for a smaller penis to achieve these things, but more difficult and you still do not have the stretching and full feeling. If a girl/woman has not experienced a large penis she would be unable to offer an opinion on this issue.

Alternate view:

For a man a 4.5 inch penis is no problem in experiencing good sex. For a woman it could be a problem, but most less than endowed men have learned techniques, or probably will learn them in order to satisfy the opposite sex as well as more normal sized or bigger men. I can vouch for that.