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Yes. Every woman's period is different. A period that lasts only three days will still expel an egg, and a woman is still fertile afterward.

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Q: Your period last for 3 days can you still conceive?
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How many days does it take to conceive after your last period?

You can conceive a child 6 days before your period do date so the 20-25 day after your period ended

Is it possible to conceive a few days after last period?

textbook says no .

If your last period was on the 1st of oct what day did you conceive?

Around the 14th of October, give or take a few days.

How do doctors determine the day you concieved?

they look at when you has your last period. you ovulate 10-15 days before you have a period and you can only conceive when you're ovulating.

If your last period was July 4 what date did you conceive?

You conceive almost immediately after you have sex.

When did you conceive if your due date is September 15 and your last period was December 10?

December 24th give or take a couple of days.

If your last period was 10th August when did you conceive?

24th august

If an ultrasound shows that you are 9 weeks 2 days pregnant today 11.08.08 when did you conceive I have no idea when my last period was.?

Implantation occured June 7th. First day of last period was most likely May 24th.

How many days after your period can you be able to have a baby?

Ovulation occurs at the end of the second week of the Menstruation cycle, which starts as soon as the last period stops, so two weeks after your period stops, a new egg gets released. Sperm can last for about a week in the womb, so you can conceive from about 10 days after the end of the previous period, until about 21 days after.

When will you expect ovulation period if last period was January 28th2010?

The days around ovulation (between 10 to 16 days before your next period) are when you are at your most fertile. So, if you are trying to conceive (get pregnant), this is the best time of the month to have unprotected sex with your partner.

Your last period was June 102008 you are pregnant when did you conceive?

Roughly June 24th

If your aby is due jan18 when did you conceive?

You would have become pregnant 12 to 15 days after your last period. There's no way for us to tell you the exact date.

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