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Q: Your rat terrier wont turn her neck left what could cause that?
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What causes a shooting pain in left neck gland?

Infection could cause a shooting pain in the left neck gland. This infection could have come from a dental procedure.

What could cause a pain in side of neck?

sleeping the wrong way

What could cause the symptoms throbbing pain in left neck and upper back?

Anys cancer

What causes left side neck pain above collar bone?

One thing that can cause left side of neck pain above a collar bone could be a stiff neck. If the pain does not go away, one should see a doctor.

How do rat terrier hunt rats?

Grabing rats by the neck and shakeing there head left and right ... Breaking the rats spine in seconds

What causes sore neck glands along the left side of the neck that cause minor pain when touched?

An infection in the neck or part of the head.

Could drinking alcohol cause red neck rash?

No - but it can cause you to act like a rash red-neck...

What is the cause of a mildpain on the left side of the neck?

you and your partner are doing it wrong

What causes lymph node on left side of neck to swell?

There are several different things that can cause swelling of the lymph nodes on the sides of your neck. Some of these things include an injury, an infection, or there could be a tumor on the lymph node.

What causes numbness in left side of the head?

Don't panicccc!!!!!! It ciuld just be stress or migraines!!!! If you have neck artheritis it could be this is the cause!!!! Go see a doctor fast

Lump on left side of neck?

it could be swollen glands.

What causes neck pain on left side?

What could be causing neck pain on left side could be generally one of a couple things. One would be muscle spasms and the other could be nerve pain from tight muscles or a pinched nerve.

What could be the cause of pain in the left hand side of your neck shoulder and down your arm be?

I Originally Thought That It Was A Sign Of A Stroke Either Before Or after You've HAd One But I Can't Be Sure It Could Just Be A Pulled Muscle ??

What could cause your neck to lock up sometimes?

check your answer

Can the sciatic nerve cause pain in neck left arm and left leg?

No the sciatic nerve only affects the legs.

Can arthritis cause morning stiffness in left side back of head and neck?


What Consequence could forward head posture cause?

neck pain

What could cause pain behind your ear and neck?

Swollen Glands / Lymph nodes

What could be the cause of a hump on your neck?

A hump on the neck that is a fatty pad is also a sign of Cushings disease or Cushings syndrome.

Left Side Head Pain?

i have pain on my left side shoulder,neck ear and head . What could be causing this?

Can a bad neck cause a stroke?

No, a bad neck can't cause a stroke. However if one side of your arm is tingling, the side of the neck rigid or possibly achy as is the jaw get to ER fast and have it checked out. These could be indications of a stroke.

What could be the cause of swollen glands in neck and under the arms?

The cause of swollen glands in the neck and under the arms might be due the affected lymphnodes. The swelling of the neck can also occur when there is overworking of thyroid galnd ending in goitre.

What can cause constant headaches and pain in neck and left shoulder?

stress, get a message or see a chiropractor

What could cause tingly left side right under my armpit. It comes and go at least 5 times a day?

Sounds like there may be some pressure on a nerve, possibly in the neck.

What is a Lump and a red mark on the left side of neck?

A lump that has a red mark on the left side of the neck could be anything. If it begins to irritate you or get inflamed it could possibly be a bite mark. If you put alcohol on it and it doesn't work then you should go to the doctor.