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The radio is grounding through the antenna connection. Unplug the antenna and see that it will stop. However you still need to hook up the ground 1st and the antenna last.

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Q: Your stereo is on without a ground what is wrong?
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How come you can only get your radio to work if you turn on your headlights on your 95 pathfinder?

The stereo is wired wrong. In this case it sounds like the ground wire of the stereo is hooked to the dimmer circuit. The ground wire of the stereo should be connected to the vehicle chassis.

Does the ACC wire connect to the ground wire?

No it doesn't. The acc wire on your stereo is for accessory from your ignition switch. That's so you can turn your car key back and run your stereo without turning on the engine.

Do you connect the ground cable from your car to the ground cable from your stereo or connect the ground caple from the stereo to metal in your car and leave the other wire loose?

If your connecting a stereo, it's always best to ground directly to the negative side of the battery: however you can connect to a ground under the dash also. Some autos have a ground block at the fuse panel that can also be used but you will need a spade connector. your cars body is the ground.connect the stereo ground to a metal part of the car,leave the battery connected to a ground,engine should also be connected to a ground

What is the stereo wiring for 1985 ford f250 what color is hot and ground?

ground is the black...

How do you unlock sony stereo xav-60 without remote?


What color is the ground wire on a Chevy stereo?


Why your car stereo has a buzzing sound?

you have a ground loop, use a ground loop isolator to get rid of it.

You have Citroen Saxo and the car stereo is displaying error 9 on it?

When you enter the security code wrong on a Citroen Saxo car stereo, it will display an error. If error 9 is displayed on your stereo, you have entered the wrong code nine times and your system is blocked. You will have to wait to enter the code correctly.

Cd will not eject from your stereo?

Try temporally disconnecting the ground cable off the battery, the stereo may reset itself and spit out the disc.

When you turn on the lights your stereo turns off?

I'm guessing your stereo is aftermarket. If so, then whoever installed it did it wrong or tried something tricky.

What color is the ground wire in a 2000 dodge ram stereo?

Yellow and black

Your car stereo works great when the car is off once you turn on the car it quits working why is this?

your ground wire for the stereo is connected to the ignition wire of the car

Where can you find a radio diagram for a 1995 ford aerostar xlt?

just so you know when i put a new stereo in my aerostar i had to run new wires to the stereo speakers because the stock stereo had a common ground so one ground for two speakers i damn near fried the deck figuring that out hopefuly you wont.

Why when you turn on headlights stereo turns off on jeep Cherokee?

I'm guessing your stereo is aftermarket. If so, then whoever installed it did it wrong or tried something tricky.

Where does the ground squirrel live?

in the ground tell me if I'm wrong

Jeep grand Cherokee with an infinity gold stereo system and the front speakers are the only ones that work and the sound is distorted you've changed stereos fuses and amps what could be wrong?

sounds like a bad ground

You went to change out the stereo in your 2003 tacoma and somehow when messing with the dimmer wires on the stereo you have no dash lights and your tail lights fuses are blowing when theyre messed wit?

I'm not sure if this is the same but the ground wire going to the stereo is not really ground! Try running the hot wires for your new stereo right to the fuse box or straight to the bat and see if that cures it. I had a problem that was very similar but it wasn't a Tacoma.

How do you ground a home stereo?

Just ground the stereo to a pipe for your water line or something. But if I'm not mistaken you may need an amplifier/inverter to run a car deck off of power supplied to a home. It has to do with the Voltage or amps I think. I wouldn't know the

Will a damaged antenna cable to an aftermarket stereo prevent the stereo from turning on?

no. first check fuses. check ground. check for voltage to memory, and switched power to radio. the only time the antenna would affect the radio in that manner is if the ground was connected to the antenna.

How is there a Popping sound coming through the stereo speakers when the car is off 2003 Tahoe?

The first thing that comes to mind is a blown speaker. The next to check is a crossed wires- positive on ground or visa versa. Or the last a loose ground wire on the stereo.

How do you bypass the e break for the dual dvd710?

Easy, Ground it with your stereo ground wire.... (make the pink wire and black wire connect to the Main Ground wire which is also Black)

What cause speakers in a car stereo to ring and buzz when you accelerate the gas?

You need a better ground

Why does your Kenwood car stereo keep shutting off and turning back on when your driving?

Loose ground

How do you unlock a stereo to a 2002 eclipse after entering the wrong code 3 times?

See dealer

Characteristics of a janitor?

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