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We will spin your head right round with amazing music, literally.

sorry if its bad!!!!1

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What uses the spin of electrons to store information?

A new experimental storage medium called "Spintronics"

What is the rotation of the ball called in tennis?

It is called spin, there are many forms of spin, * top spin * side spin (slice) * back spin

What would cause a slight grinding noise when spinning the front wheels it only makes the noise on half of the spin. same on each side and just replaced front axles?

Sure it isn't scale on the discs? retract the pads and give the discs a spin.

What is the spin that ballet dancers do called?

It is called a pirouette.

What are the things that spin on a windmill called?

They are called arms

What is an aircraft's spiral dive called?

It is called a 'spin'

What is a spiral dive of a plane called?

It is called a 'spin'.

What is it called when earth spins each complete spin?

Each spin of the earth is called a rotation of the earth on it's axis.

What is the spin called in ballet?


Does a hurricane spin clockwise?

Only in the southern hemisphere, but they aren't called hurricanes there. They are only called hurricanes in the northern hemisphere where they spin counterclockwise.

Red ranger samurai spin sword move called?

The Red Samurai Ranger's Spin Sword move is called Lightning Fury.

What is the type of memory that uses the spin of electrons to store information?

Racetrack memory

What is it called when your spin isn't straight?


What is the spin of an object in space called?


What is one complete spin onEarth's axis called?

rotationis one complete spin on earths axis!!!

Will there be a Sponge bob spin off?

There already is a spin off. It is called Astrology with Squidward. you can go to IMBD to see more spin offs of Spongebob Squarepants.

Where does the spider store the thread that it uses to spin its web?

it stores the web in it's spinnerets

What do you call the ballet move where you swing your leg around and do a spin?

When you whip your leg around in a spin it is called a fouette :)

Why are tornadoes called twisters?

Tornadoes are called twisters because they spin around.

What is a single spin of the earth called?

in geometry 360 degrees is called a "revolution"

Why won't my Wii read or spin Wii discs?

Try putting them in the other way. you might be putting them in backwards. Also, check to see if the disk is clean and scratch-free.

What speed Hdd is measured at?

RPM = revolutions per minute - or - how many times the discs makes a complete spin around its center (axis) in a minute, just like a fan does.

What is it called when a planet complete spin on its axis?

A day.

Does the moon spin on a excel?

Yes, but it is called "axis".

What are the webs that spiders spin called?

cob webs

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