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Check the washer fluid pickup screen and/or pump.

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Q: Your windscreen washer jets used to work on your 2001 Passat worked intermittently but now have stopped working altogether The nozzles are not blocked What could cause this?
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i took my windscreen washer pump off and cleaned it and cleaned tubes attached,put pump back on resorvoir but water still not coming out properly from front washer nozzles,any answers

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Why is it that when you push your windshield washer button on your 1995 ford ranger the wipers move and the pump motor runs but no washer fluid comes out when the reservoir is full?

because your out of fluid or the lins arnt hooked up rightAnother AnswerSometimes, "cheap" windshield washer fluid will evaporate and leave a "dust" residue that clogs the lines that lead to the nozzles, and may also clog the nozzles. Remove the lines from the nozzles from under the hood and use a very fine wire to clean out the nozzles and the lines. Before you reinstall the lines on the nozzles, turn on the sprayer and spray out any dust left within the lines.

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