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Zebras are herbivores and live on grasslands.

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What is a collective noun for zebras?

Collective nouns for zebras are:a cohort of zebrasa herd of zebrasa zeal of zebras

How many types of zebras are there?

There are 5 types of zebras. The most common are Plains zebras, Mountain zebras, and Grevy's zebras

What do zebras do all the time?

Zebras eat. Zebras look for food. Zebras walk, or run occasionally.

How long does zebras sleep?

what country do zebras live in? where do zebras live?

Do zebras have babies?

Zebras give birth to foals, which are baby zebras.

Do zebras have fathers?

Zebras reproduce sexually, so zebras do have fathers.

Are zebras hunted?

Some zebras are hunted, but grevy zebras are still numerous. Other zebras are hunted for their skin.

Are zebras prey?

Zebras are prey. Several other animals eat zebras, but zebras don't eat other animals.

Do zebras live in Wyoming?

No, there are no zebras in Wyoming. (Zebras are native to the African continent.)

How do zebras survive?

Zebras go in herds. Zebras never go alone

Do zebras have whiskers?

No. Zebras do not have whiskers.

Are zebras carnavors?

No, Zebras are not carnivores.

How do zebras breathe?

How zebras breath

Do the zebras have scales?

No, zebras do not have scales.

Where do the zebras hibernate?

Zebras do not hibernate.

Are zebras blind?

zebras are not blind

Do zebras have beards?

No zebras do not have beards

Do zebras have quills?

No, zebras do not have quills.

Do zebras have fangs?

No, Zebras do not have fangs.

What are 6 zebras called?

A group of zebras is called a herd, zeal, or dazzle of zebras.

Where do zebras lives?

Zebras are can be a wild animal if they don't belong to a zoo, so zebras live in the wild. Places such as Africa are where zebras live

Do zebras have baby zebras?

Of course they do! How would the zebra species still be 'alive' if the adult zebras didn't have baby zebras. Of course they have babies.

Why are zebras related to horses but are not horses?

Zebras and horses are both Equine animals. Zebras are horses, in another term, Zebras are horses with stripes.

Do zebras eat mice?

no. zebras are herbivores.

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