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is there any type of warranty offered on the items sold on this site?

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โˆ™ 2011-01-28 05:14:30
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Q: is there any type of warranty offered on the items that are listed ?
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What type of warranty is offered on a new Xbox 360?

The type of warranty that is offered on a new Xbox 360 is for one year. You can also purchase two years worth of additional warranty at an extra cost.

What type of service is offered by Domestic and General?

The type of service offered by Domestic & General are warranty services. This company provides warranty for almost everything including electronic appliances, electronic devices and many more.

What type of manufacturer's warranty is offered on a new Nintendo DS system?

The Nintendo DS has a standard one-year warranty in North America.

What type of warranty is offered at this repair center?

It depends on which repair center you go to. ______________________________________________________________________ This is not a repair center.

What type of warranty protection is offered by Chrysler?

The Chrysler warranty offers a five year and 100,000 mile roadside assistance warranty. They provide jump starts, gas/fuel delivery, and breakdowns. They also give parts warranty.

Does warranty cover transmission fluid leak?

That will vary greatly depending on the type of warranty, the cause of the leak, and the type of car. If you think a dealer is not honoring a warranty you might want to call the customer service phone number listed in your owners manual.

What to look for when buying new tires for a passenger car?

Price, quality, type of tread for the type of environment you're driving in, warranty offered on said tires.

What type of warranty is offered on SX guitars?

SX guitars have a limited lifetime warranty for the original owner. This limited warranty cannot be transferred to subsequent owners. The limited warranty covers any defect in materials or workmanship. However, the warranty does not cover damage caused by mishandling, accident, or normal wear and tear.

Is it worth it to pay extra for a used car warranty?

This depends on what type of warranty you are being offered. Generally, warranties don't cover the big and most expensive parts of the car. Watch for a powertrain warranty, those are generally the best and most worth the cost.

What type of warranty does one get with brand new Canon products?

The warranty you get with your Canon product will vary based on what item you purchase, as well as if you pay more for a better or longer lasting warranty. Most stores also offer their own warranties on items in addition to Canon's warranty.

Does anyone know how much the warranty will cover for my GP030-040VX?

Yale Forklifts offer a variety of warranty options and depending on the model, year purchase and type of warranty. So I would advice you to call the customer service number listed on the warranty or if you would like I can look up the number for you.

What type of extended warranty does Best Buy offer with new cartridge refill kits?

There aren't many types of warranty that Best Buy offers with new cartridge refill kits. Best Buy offers extended warranty for items that aren't replacement kits.

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