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Accident attorneys should only get paid if you win your case.

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2011-12-12 16:43:47
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Q: Accident attorneys should only get paid if you win your case.?
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What questions should I ask a lawyer in a personal injury lawsuit Do all injury attorneys work on commission?

Many attorneys have the option to only pay them if you win. In looking for a good accident attorney in your area ask your friends and do some online searches as well. You should ask attorneys if they have done a TBI or ABI case before and what their fees are.

Can you be sued in case of an accident as cosigner?

No. The only obligation the cosigner has is to the lender.

Is it I work for attorneys or I work for attorneys'?

The apostrophie is only used when the noun is possessive. "I work for attorneys." is correct.

What should an uninsured driver do in case of an accident?

The only thing different than if he had insurance is that he/she cannot exchange insurance information. He can take the information from the other party and claim them after that.

How do paralegals file there cases?

Paralegals are not attorneys and do not and can not function as one. The only cases they may file would be a pro se case on their own behalf.

Are there attorneys that only handle medical malpractice cases?

"Yes, There are attorneys that only handle medical malpractice cases. There are also attorneys that handle medical negligence cases. Since there are many cases of medical malpractice, there are many attorneys available in all states."

When should you only honk the horn?

To alert other drivers or avoid an accident

You should honk the horn only?

To alert other drivers or avoid an accident

Do accidents only go on your driving record if you get a ticket?

The accident will show but it will be marked as a not at fault accident and should not increase your insurance rates.

If you are riding in a car and an adult is driving are you covered by insurance in case of an accident?

Only if the car you are riding in has insurance coverage.

Is the process of uranium dangerous?

Processing of uranium can be dangerous only if the safety precautions are not observed or in the case of an unavoidable accident.

What kind of schooling do litigation attorneys go through?

Litigation attorneys go through the same demanding regimen as other attorneys. The only difference is the focus of their specialization.

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