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Thousands of people get into auto accidents everyday. With a career in auto body repair, you can help people get moving again by fixing their damaged cars. Auto body repair jobs are available in car dealerships, independent body shops and with mobile collision repair companies.

If you are employed as an auto body technician you must love working with your hands as you will be responsible for repairing, replacing and painting damaged vehicles. Strong math and analytical skills are also required to allow you to estimate the labor, parts and material required for repair jobs.

Most people who work in auto body repair have completed training at a specialized technical school. These programs teach you to properly handle the plastic and fiberglass materials used in auto body repair. You will also learn to use special equipment such as welders, power and hand tools that are needed to fix vehicle damage. Training will be provided on how to properly use and apply paint materials to automobiles.

In order to be hired, most auto body repair shops require that you have a driver’s license from the state you plan on working in. Employers will also want to see previous experience in vehicle or equipment maintenance. Interpersonal skills are equally important as your technical skills as you will be working directly with the public.

Your starting yearly salary in an auto body repair career depends on your prior experience. People new to the field can expect to make an average of $30,000 a year. If you have previously worked in automobile repair you can expect to make $45,000 to $50,000 a year. If you continually improve your skills and work toward a manager position, you can potentially make $75,000 a year or more.

This rewarding career requires you to work in a challenging environment. You may be exposed to hazardous fumes and dust. Also, you must remain extremely alert to avoid injuring yourself on the dangerous equipment found in body shops. With proper training and experience, you will learn to avoid these conditions to allow for a successful career.

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When your vehicle needs repair, finding an auto body repair shop you can rely on is crucial. There are certainly many shops that provide auto body repair services; however, keep in mind that not all shops are the same. This is why it is imperative that you make sure you look for a repair shop that will provide quality service and can be relied upon.

A quality, reliable auto body repair shop will be able to repair the dents and give your vehicle a fresh paint job so it looks as good as new. Other services typically offered by an auto body repair shop include repair electronic and electrical systems that may have been damaged as the result of an accident. Auto body shops will also typically handle the repair of the vehicle's frame as well, if necessary.

One of the best ways to find a reputable auto body repair shop is to compare different shops, the services offered and the prices charged. It is also important to consider reviews offered by prior customers of the shop as well. Consider the shop's background. How long has the shop been in business? Shops that have been in business a long time are typically considered to be high-quality shops that can be relied upon. What about the ownership of the shop? Are they locally owned? Also, what is the experience level of the technicians? Do they have any relevant certifications that makes them more experience and/or skilled over technicians at other shops? Does the shop offer any additional services, such as complimentary pick-up? Is the staff at the shop friendly and courteous? Do you feel comfortable with them working on your vehicle?

In your local area, you will find there are many excellent auto body repair shops. Many people often make the mistake of thinking any repair shop will be able to provide the services they need. Taking the time to check all aspects of local auto body repair shops and then comparing those shops will typically help you to find a repair shop that not only provides the best service, but also the most competitive price.

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form_title=Auto Body Repair form_header=6763 What year is your vehicle?*= {Select One,2009 or Newer,2006 - 2008,2000 - 2005,1990 - 1999,1980 - 1989,Pre-1980} How would you describe the body repair needed?*= [] Dent [] Ding [] Scrape [] Major Accident Damage [] Hail Damage [] Other Can you give us the make of your vehicle?*= {Select One,Acura,Audi,BMW,Buick,Cadillac,Chevrolet,Chrysler,Dodge,Ford,Geo,GMC,Hummer,Honda,Hyundai,Infiniti,Isuzu,Jaguar,Jeep,Kia,Land Rover,Lexus,Lincoln,Mazda,Mercedes,Mercury,Mini,Mitsubishi,Nissan,Oldsmobile,Plymouth,Pontiac,Porsche,Saab,Saturn,Scion,Subaru,Suzuki,Toyota,Volkswagen,Volvo,Other}

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Can auto body repair be done at a dealership or only at an auto body repair center?

Many dealerships will also provide auto body repair.

Where can I get collision repair done in Charlotte?

There are many options for body repair on a car. Some options include: Woodie's Auto Service, Charlotte Auto Repair, Almar Auto Repair, and Body Works Plus.

What would be a good name for an auto body shop?

Auto Body PlaceReal Repair Auto Body Shop*your name's* Auto Body Plaza

Where in Ohio can I find an auto body repair school?

Is this available in the Philippines or only available in the United States of America only? What are the requirements for auto body repair school? How much will cost for this auto body repair school?

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Auto body repair job description?

The auto body repair duties include removing, replacing and repairing the damaged parts of motor vehicles. The auto body repair mechanics usually get into the job after undergoing training in vehicle mechanics.

What do you call a person who paints cars?

An auto body repair person, or auto body technition

What are the names of some auto repair shops in Denver?

There are quite a few auto repair shops located in Denver, Colorado. Some of their names are Addison Auto Repair and Body Shop, Toy Doctor Inc., and Downing Auto Repair.

What do you call a person that paints and fixes dents on a car?

An auto body repair person, or auto body technition.

Where can I find an auto repair shop in Orlando?

You can find a pretty comprehensive list of auto repair shops in Orlando at

Would a regular auto body repair shop be able to fix a cracked bumper?

Many times local auto repair shops do have the ability to fix a cracked bumper. However, for the best repair options you should contact an auto body repair shop. Auto body repair shops specialize in these types of issues and will have all the necessary equipment and expertise. Remember, some major franchises and small business shops may have both auto repair and auto body options. Don’t forget to call at least three shops to receive estimates, to insure the best deal.

Where can I got o become a mechanic?

If you want to learn this skill, Lincoln's auto body school can give you the auto ... Take the next step and request more information about our auto body repair ... If you want to learn this skill, Lincoln's auto body school can give you the auto ... Take the next step and request more information about our auto body repair ...

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