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form_title=Buy a Power Generator form_header=Have a source of power in case of emergency or power outage. What type of power generator do you need?=_ What do you want to keep powered?=_ What is your budget for this power generator?=_

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Q: Buy a Power Generator
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Where can I buy a cheap back up power generator?

There are plenty of stores where you can buy a back up power generator. You can check Best Buy, Target, Walmart, Kmart, and Home Depot. They are quite expensive.

Where can I buy an efficient power generator?

You can buy an efficient power generator at your local Canadian Tire. For use indoor or outdoor. Other places are Home depot, rona, or at

Power Generator?

form_title=Buy a Power Generator form_header=Have a source of power available in case of emergency. How many power generators do you need?= {(),1,2,3,4,5,More} What will you use the power generator to power?=_ Will you use this for emergency or regular use?= () Emergency () Regular

Where do you buy power generators?

Power generators are available at Home Depot, Rona and Canadian Tire. Amazon have a generator buying guide that would explain what is a power generator.

Is there something i can buy that can power my home when comed turns your power off?

Portable or stand-by generator.

Does anybody know where I can buy a solar generator?

You can buy a solar generator at Goal Zero or at their website. You can also build a solar power generator for under 300 dollars. The instructions are on the How Stuff Works website.

Can I use a gas generator in my home, if so what size should I buy?

Anyone can use a gas power generator at home. However, you must figure out what your needs are for a generator. Different ranges of power usage will require different kinds of power outputs. If you aim at using a power generator for a few things, you might be interested in a small power generator. If you aim at powering an entire home, you'd want a power generator of at least 30 kW.

What kind of power generator should I purchase for my home use during an emergency?

The power generator you buy depends on the amount of power you need to generate. On there are several generators listed with various capacities. Be aware of the safety precautions you will need to take when using your generator.

What is difference between power station generator and dynamo generator?

Power station generator - Dynamo generator ------------------------------- = 3

Why we need to use generator?

An electrical generator is used to generate electrical energy. So anyone who needs electrical energy has to use a generator - or buy energy from someone else who has one.

How do you determine what kind of home backup generator you'll need in an emergency?

A portable generator is suitable for most homes in a blackout, you can buy a small generator for around $200 and it should power most or your appliances and lights in the event of a power cut.

Where can I find portable power generators?

the best online store to buy these portable generator is and you can buy these portable generators from

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