Confused By Medicare Here's a Quick Rundown.?


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Medicare is an insurance offered to many Americans. Although the word Medicare is a commonly used term in the United States, many people have a hard time knowing exactly what it means, who is eligible and how to go about getting the benefits offered by Medicare. What is Medicare?
In the simplest terms, Medicare is a federal program that gives health insurance to certain specific groups of people within the United States. Medicare is available to all people over 65 years of age as well as certain groups under that age limit with certain disabilities. Those who have permanent kidney failure, which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant, are also eligible. Medicare is divided into four parts, each of which cover expenses of patients from different facilities. What Does Medicare Part A Cover?
Medicare Part A is the hospital portion of this insurance program. It covers charges associated with hospital stays, nursing facilities and some home health care as well as hospice care. What Is Medicare Part B?
Medicare part B covers medical bills associated with basic medical services such as doctor's services and charges, outpatient care, preventative services and other medical supplies. What Is Medicare Part C?
This part is a little more tricky to understand. Medicare Part C includes Advantage Plans, which are provided by private insurance companies. The Advantage part of Medicare handles charges associated by Medicare A and B. Those patients who have chosen an advantage plan will have services paid for through this provider instead of original Medicare. What Is Medicare Part D?
This is the prescription coverage part of the Medicare health insurance. It pays charges associated with prescription drugs that the patient requires for treatment of any illness or disability. Those patients who choose to have3 an Advantage plan for Medicare Part C will often have a prescription section included in their plan. Otherwise Part D is assigned to pharmacy costs for Medicare. Medicare is a bit confusing but a very useful tool for groups who need insurance coverage and qualify for the benefit.

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