Diversity in Occupational Therapy Schools?


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The Department of Health and Human Services recently decided to bestow $96 million in grants to approximately 30 occupational therapy schools around the U.S. This money is meant to increase ethnic diversity in this profession. It is their hope that more people will be motivated to serve in economically disadvantaged areas in the country. The government hopes this will lead to a more diverse workforce.

Occupational therapy schools train students to help improve the quality of life of people. There are many reasons why a patient might require the services of an occupational therapist. Accidents, illness, or birth defects might make it necessary to receive these services. Occupational therapists are trained to assist these individuals with daily tasks and work related tasks. These professionals can suggest resources that will make it easier for the patient. This profession is hands on. Oftentimes, the occupational therapist will come into the home and make necessary changes to the environment. Or this professional may work with the employer to suggest needed adjustments to the work environment.

Furthermore, more and more occupational therapists will be needed in the near future. Some of these professionals work exclusively with the elderly. And the growing population of older Americans will open more doors of opportunity for successful graduates of occupational therapy schools. A master’s degree is the minimum amount of education needed to practice as a licensed occupational therapist. Most states will require this credential and certification. Students of occupational therapy schools will be trained to work with a diverse population. People of all ages need the services of a qualified occupational therapist.

The future looks very good for those who graduate from an accredited occupational therapy school. Salaries for the average therapist start at around $55,000. This is an entry level position. More experience increases the ability to earn higher salaries. And there are advancement opportunities available also. Some professionals may choose to work towards a doctoral degree in the field. These professionals can teach at occupational therapy schools after completion of their degree. Others will be more interested in research. The government hires PhD graduates to work in Health and Human Services Agencies. There are numerous job opportunities available and the future is secure for qualified occupational therapists.

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If you are looking for occupational therapy schools, I suggest you check out your local University, where you may be able to find a course on occupational therapy. Good luck looking for some courses!

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Pre-occupational therapy is a group of classes that are taken at the university level before classes can begin for occupational therapy. A person taking classes in pre occupational therapy, can work as an occupational therapy assistant.

Yes, there are. There is Kean University (Union), Richard Stockton College of New Jersey (Pomona) and Seton Hall University (South Orange). These are three well known occupational therapy schools in New Jersey.

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you must have a master degree from collage! All States regulate the practice of occupational therapy To obtain a license! Certification is voluntary. The National Board for Certifying Occupational.

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It is St Therese, the little flower.

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