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It does, but only if the VCR has S-Video and VGA inputs.

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Q: Does the Optoma Technol SCART to VGA and S Video Adapter work for VCRs?
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What does SCART means?

The term SCART refers to the video/audio television connector.

What is the most commonly used video input?

There are several video inputs available like composite, S-video, component RGB, Firewire, HDMI and SCART. The most commonly used video input in a home environment is probably the SCART input.

What does the term scart lead mean?

This term is affiliated with C-Video and Audio connections. Scart leads are usually bought from stores that specialize in electronics. You can also find them in many video stores.

How many pins are on a SCART connector used to connect video equipment?


Do you get visual through a scart lead?

A scart connector is a European standard for video, audio and control communication between domestic television equipment. It is used only for standard definition video but supports composite, S-video and component signal formats. It also carries stereo audio and a limited number of control lines. The connection is often bi-directional to allow an output of a television to be routed to a video recorder as well as from the recorder to the television. The scart connection is being replaced by HDMI in new equipment so the days of the 21 pin scart connector are numbered. The signals are compatible with those on phono (RCA) connectors so equipment that does not have a scart connector can still be linked using a scart to phono break out lead.

What does a video cassette adapter do?

A video cassette adapter allows your computer or other digital video equipment to play back video cassettes. If for example you have a newer video card in your computer you can connect the adapter to it and the vcr to play the cassette on your computer.

You were thinking of buying a new tv but the one you want doesnt have a scart plug input so you were wondering if using a scart to usb converter and plugging that into the tv would work?

Scart connectors are a European video and audio standard for analog video signals. They have been commonly used as links between video recorders and televisions as they provide a single wire interface between the two. The signals used in a scart connector vary but they can include composite, S-video, RGB and component video. All of them are analog signals. Most new televisions do not offer scart connectors but the signals are almost always available on alternative inputs. Composite will usually have a single yellow phono socket (RCA socket), component will have three phono sockets S-video will have a 4 pin mini-din socket for example. There are a range of scart adaptor cables that have a scart plug at one end and separate video and audio connectors at the other. Select the type that is needed and it should all work fine. To answer the question specifically, a scart to USB adaptor sounds like a video capture device for use in a computer and is not the right thing to use in a television, even if the television has USB sockets.

How do you transfer cassette video from sony dcr-trv22k to my computer?

scart to graphic card, play on video record on graphic card

Can you attach a VHS video rec to an LCD tv?

Yes, as long as the tv and VHS video recorder have the right connections (scart for instance).

Is there an adapter for AV to VGA?

Yes. The device you're looking for is a 'scan converter'. Several types exist for conversion of one video signal/standard to another, or digital to analogue (and vice versa). The type you most likely require will be a composite, S-Video or SCART to VGA scan converter (i.e- analogue-to-analogue).

Where can I buy a video VGA adapter online?

There are many online shops that sell video VGA adapter. is one of online shop that sells video VGA adapter with any kind of models. You can visit

Does the xbox 360 need a scart plug?

no. xbox 360's only come with 2 main plugs. the outlet plug and the audio and video plugs. no scart plugs are needed to run/play and xbox.

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