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To remove a minor dent, ding or crease from your vehicle, save time and money by investing in paintless dent repair. This technique allows you to preserve the original paint on your vehicle and thus increase its value. Performed by specialized technicians, paintless dent repair can be used to repair dents smaller than footballs. Steel and aluminum panels in vehicles made since 1990 respond well to paintless dent repair. If the dented area has been repaired in the past or is not near the edge of a panel and if the paint has been broken or cracked, paintless dent repair may not be effective.

A paintless dent repair technician analyzes the dent's location and depth. He or she accesses the dent through the window opening or by removing the trim pieces or the inner panel. With patience, the technician inserts metal rods or body picks behind the dented panel. Tabs or other tools used on the outside of the dent allow the technician to determine how much pressure to apply. The technician starts at the outer edge and slowly manipulates the metal until the dent disappears and blends into the painted panel.

Paintless dent repair offers convenience and quality with minimal cost. Paintless dent repair does not use filler or paint and thus requires less material than traditional auto body techniques. It can also be performed within hours rather than days. The procedure requires minimal labor or overhead expense for the technician who can provide a specialized, mobile service to individual clients, auto dealers, auctions, rental car companies and auto clubs.

Hire a certified and experienced paintless dent repair technician. Untrained technicians and do it yourself vehicle owners can cause additional physical and financial damage to the vehicle. Find a professional paintless dent repair technician by contacting local insurance agencies, auto dealers, car clubs or the Chamber of Commerce. Maintain the vehicle's original paint and value while restoring its physical condition when you hire a professional paintless dent repair technician.

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Q: Hire A Professional Paintless Dent Repair Technician And Save Money?
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Hire A Professional For Dent Repair?

Most vehicles experience dents or dings during their lifetime. Not only does a dent affect your vehicle's appearance, but it also affects the performance. If your vehicle has a dent, it could also have hidden damage to the inner workings of your vehicle. A professional dent repair shop will inspect the vehicle and discuss any hidden issues with you before they begin the repair. You will save money by hiring a professional dent repair technician to fix dents as soon as possible. Dent repair involves a specialized procedure with expensive tools and chemicals. Dent repair technicians undergo training in the proper use of the tools, equipment and procedures of their profession. They can quickly and easily remove dents without causing further damage to your vehicle. Many dent repair shops offer warranties or guarantees on the work they perform. Protect your investment by hiring a professional dent repair shop for your vehicle's needs. Do it yourself dent repair kits may address small dents in accessible locations on your vehicle, but they do not allow you to remove larger dents in tight spots. To maximize the appearance of your vehicle, hire a professional dent repair specialist. With competence and speed, they can repair the vehicle dent and return your vehicle to like new condition. They have experience fixing large and small dents, and they own the necessary resources to repair dents of all types. Find a reputable dent repair shop by asking friends and neighbors for recommendations. Consult the local Chamber of Commerce, insurance agency, car club or rental car agency for referrals. When choosing a dent repair shop, observe the technician's demeanor toward customers and their vehicles. Determine the cost of the repair and the amount of time needed for the repair. By hiring a professional dent repair shop, you certify that your vehicle will receive professional, competent dent repair. Avoid unsightly cosmetic damage or costly repair bills in the future by ensuring the dents are repaired as quickly as possible. Trust your vehicle to a qualified dent repair specialist, and restore your vehicle's appearance.

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