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Q: How do you say this is a cattle ranch in french?
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What word do these words have in common cattle horse dude?

Well I think they mean dude ranch when they say dude, so dude is a type of ranch and the cattle and the horses are in the ranch

How do you say big river ranch in French?

Big river ranch is "le ranch de la grande rivière" in French.

How do you say bacon ranch salad in french?

Salade Ranch au bacon

Who looks after cattle on a ranch?

Ranch hands hired by the owner of the ranch.

What is the biggest cattle ranch in the usa?

king ranch

Who sold cattle in cattle drive?

The ranch manager/owner of the cattle.

What is Another word for large cattle farm?

Cattle ranch.

What is cattle faming?

The method of rearing cattle on a farm or ranch.

What is the largest cattle ranch in US?

The King Ranch. Its actually Deseret Ranch in Florida

How did ranchers who owned the cattle on the open range know which cattle belonged to them?

The cattle had been branded when they where calves. Every ranch had a brand on their animals that was unique to that ranch alone and which every cowboy in that part of the country knew which cattle belonged to which ranch.

How do you get to the cattle ranch in wolf quest?

The cattle ranch is to the right of the 'Slough Creek' sign. Once you're inside of the cattle ranch it tells you what to do(Find calf, don't get too close to the cows, etc.). And there is your answer.

A large cattle farm?

Can be called a large cattle farm or a ranch.

Where you get cattle?

At another cattle farm or ranch, or at a livestock auction mart.

What is the definition of a cattle drive?

The definition of a cattle drive is when you drive cattle from a ranch to the railroad for slaughter.

How many cattle can be kept on a cattle ranch?

No one answer, as there is no one ranch. It may be a half dozen, or several thousand. Depends on the size of the ranch, availability of forage and water, etc.

What do australians call a ranch?

Cattle station.

What is another name for Cattle Ranch?


Where are cattle and horses bred?

On a farm or ranch.

What state has the biggest cattle ranch?


How does a cowboy make on a ranch?

herding cattle

How many cattle are there on the JA ranch?


What is another word for a farm for cattle?


What is a cattle farm in North America called?

It can be called a ranch or a cattle farm.

Who traveled on cattle trails to sell their cattle to markets?

Ranch hands on horseback

How much cattle was there on the 6666 ranch?

Let me guess...6,666 cattle, right?