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It depends on the type of nokia phone that you have. Most nokia phones has a microSD card slot so you can add more memory to your phone.

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how to format nokia 6303 phone memory

*#7780# nokia 3110c phone memroy format

i have lost some contact numbers on my nokia phone.

How you format nokia n95 8gb

It is on the bottom of the phone.

You have 2 take out the memory card out of the old phone nokia 2 transfer 2 the new one!-ur welcum!! :-)

Most Nokia phones purchased come with a free memory card. It usually has a very minimal amount of memory on it.

The Nokia 6600 mobile phone was released in 2003. When it was released the internal memory was six MB. Later versions of the phone included an upgrade in internal memory to 20MB

you can scan a nokia 5233 phone memory by installing nokia pc suite or by copying all the files in phone memory to a drive in pc and scanning it by your regular antivirus nokia 5233 you can install a mobile guard and an mobile antivirus inorder to secure your phone more properly.......and the factory reset code is *#7370# thank you hope it helped........:-D

In order to format Nokia 3110 phone memory, you would need to go to the settings. Once you get to the settings, choose the option to restore factory settings. This will erase all the data in you phone.

For Nokia Phone Memory, you're going to want to look for a large capacity MicroSD card. You should check Nokia's website to see what the largest MicroSD card your phone can utilize is.

Type *#7370# and you will get the original soft from the ram memory Remember. the phone must be fully charged; if not you should recharge before doing that, With low battery you can destroy the ram memory of your phone. . Most of the Nokia phones when you this kind of operation ask for the phone code wich is for Nokia the standard code: 12345.

you can delete my this number*#7370#

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it has only 81MB of phone memory but comes with a 8GB memory card

The Nokia 5800 has less flaws then the Nokia n95 although that is a very good phone, the Nokia 5800 is a much better phone

Firstly remove your memory card.. Then go to "setting" => "phone" => "phone mgmt." => "factory setting" => restore factory setting...

5530 is much much better phone

its not possible buy new one

the nokia 5230 is not a good phone as it is not a android i would not reccomend that you buy this phone verry much verry much ThANxS

Yes. Of course. A MicroSD card is like a hard drive of a phone. You can store any files in it if the phone supports that format. For example Nokia 6600 and Nokia 6303 have a memory slot; you can store pics in the phone by the memory card which can be viewed on the phone but if you store mp3 files only the Nokia 6303 will play the files because the Nokia 6600 hasn't got a mp3 player.

Bring your phone to a nearby Nokia Care Centre to reset the password.vb

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