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Many companies offer memory foam mattresses, which may vary in quality. The following guide provides simple tips for finding a high quality memory foam mattress.

When looking for a memory foam mattress, look for information on the density of the foam. Lower density foam is often cheap and low quality, while higher density foam provides a more comfortable sleeping experience. A high quality mattress should contain at least 6 inches of high density memory foam, with lighter foam layered on top.

When buying a mattress, make sure that the foam is genuine memory foam. Squeeze a sample, and see how long it takes to expand. If the foam expands to it's original shape in less than a second, it's not memory foam.

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Q: How to Choose a Memory Foam Mattress?
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Where can memory foam mattress covers be purchased?

Amazon has one of the broadest selections of memory foam mattresses ranging from many different sizes, material and binding techniques to choose from.

How much does it cost at the bedding experts for a memory foam mattress topper?

Memory foam mattress toppers typically cost around $100.

Where can I find memory foam mattress reviews?

There are many memory foam mattress reviews, to be found on the internet. If you do a Google search, you will find plenty of them.

How do you get urine out a memory foam mattress?


What thickness is a memory foam mattress?

The truthful answers is: "It's the thickness you are willing to pay for". One manufacturer I know of makes memory foam mattresses in three configurations: The top 2" of the mattress is memory foam, the top 4" is memory foam, and the whole mattress is memory foam. The price varies accordingly. Personal Note: If you can't afford a memory foam mattress, try a memory foam pillow. Awesome, especially if you're a "side sleeper".

Where can one find reviews on Sealy Memory Foam Mattress?

Sealy Memory Foam Mattress reviews can be found on Sealy's official webpage. There are over 4 thousand reviews and Sealy Memory Foam Mattress are rated an average of a 4.2 stars.

Who makes the memory foam mattress at garden ridgewho makes the memory foam mattress at garden ridge?

I just bought the 11 inch king size memory foam mattress from Garden Ridge for $399. The box had no manufacturer's name on it and was shipped from China.

What is a Therapeutic Mattress?

An over priced, name brand, (memory) foam mattress.

Can you use a memory foam mattress topper on a pillow top mattress?


Do they make memory foam baby matresses?

Memory foam can be used for a baby mattress.

How do you activate a memory foam mattress?

The memory foam mattress should be automatically activated the minute you unpack it from its compression packaging and it has reached its full size.When I bought my memory foam mattress from Ergoflex (Australia), I had to wait a few hours till it achieved its full size.

Can electric mattress pads be used over memory foam mattress toppers?

It is not recommended to use an electric mattress pad on memory foam mattresses. The heat from the mattress pad can effect the overall feel of the mattress and ultimately do damage.

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