How To Choose The Right Pavers?

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Installing pavers in a yard or over a patio is often a very straightforward process. One decision that homeowners do need to make is what type of pavers to use. There are several different types available now from natural solutions to synthetic blocks. It is helpful to understand what options are available before choosing and installing pavers.

Natural stone pavers are used by many homeowners to create walkways or even elegant patios. A wide range of stone colors and patterns are available. Stone pavers can even have a glossy finish. The stone is resistant to staining and damage from wear. An issue with stone pavers is the tendency for unsealed pavers to absorb water. This can cause some cracking in the winter in cold climates.

Concrete pavers are cost-effective, strong and very popular. The pavers come in a variety of different patterns, shapes and textures. They can even be custom made from a mold. Concrete does tend to wear down over time. Some types of pavers will require regular maintenance to maintain a finish. The pigment in the concrete might also fade over time depending on weather and sun conditions.

Brick pavers are smaller than most other styles. These are very durable against the weather. The compact size of the bricks allows for very intricate patterns and designs. A disadvantage is that the bricks are not normally exactly the same size. This makes installation more complicated. Another issue for some people is the limited color choices when it comes to brick and clay.

Recycled rubber pavers are bricks or panels of recycled tire rubber usually dyed with pigments. These pavers have become popular because they are environmentally friendly. They are also very easy to install. Some manufacturers provide rubber pavers that can be laid directly over concrete. The main disadvantage is that some homeowners do not like the appearance of the material.

Plastic pavers are an option for creating garden paths or small patios. Plastic pavers are molded hollow shapes that look like natural stone pavers. They often have a textured surface on top. The pavers are installed over sand or directly on top of soil. They can be secured with spikes or staples in the ground. Although these can create a walkway fast, plastic pavers are not very durable and can crack or break.

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Q: How To Choose The Right Pavers?
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How many pavers do you need for 432 square feet and my pavers are 9 x 5?

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Assuming that there are no spaces between the pavers and that all offcuts are discarded, and also assuming that all the pavers along any one edge are facing the same way, there are four possible answers.If the pavers are laid so that their long sides are along the bed edges then you will need 96 pavers. This will give the narrowest edging.If the pavers are laid so that their short sides are along the bed edges then you will need 196 pavers. This will give the broadest edging.If the pavers are laid so that their orientation is the same as that of the flower bed then you will need 116 pavers.If the pavers are laid so that their orientation is at right angles to that of the flower bed then you will need 176 pavers.Off course, there are more answers if the pavers' orientation varies as you go along the bed edges.

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