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Once you’ve decided to budget the money for a swimming pool, you want to investigate the benefits of inground pools to see if this style of swimming pool construction will give you the best return on your investment. Depending upon budget, inground pools can be fashioned from concrete, vinyl liners or fiberglass.

Having an inground pool not only provides hours of entertainment, enjoyment and exercise for family members, friends and guests, it also adds to the resale value of the home when the homeowner decides to sell the property. Unlike above ground pools, inground pools represent a permanent improvement to the property which can be enjoyed year-round.

Unlike above ground pools which are limited as to the depth of water they can offer, inground pools can be designed to safely accommodate diving into deep water. While the size and shape of above ground pools is limited to circular and square designs, inground pools can be custom built in a variety of shapes and sizes, including kidney shape, rectangular and L-shaped.

Inground pools are much easier to landscape, allowing them to fit into the environment rather than sticking out like a sore thumb. It is easy to put trees, shrubs and other landscaping around pool borders to offer some privacy protection as well as a wind break. Inground pools can become the focal point of a backyard designed to look like a tropical resort or getaway. It is also easier to put a security perimeter around inground pools via the use of locked Fencing so that unwelcome guests or intruders don’t put the homeowner at the risk of liability by using the pool in an unauthorized fashion.

Inground pools can be quite easy to maintain because many automatic cleaning features can be built into the pool, including a cover that automatically closes into place after use to prevent accidents as well as to keep leaves and other flying debris out of the pool water.

Inground pools can represent a substantial investment, especially if they are landscaped and include special features like adjacent jacuzzis and waterfalls. But the return on the investment for the individual or family that enjoys swimming often and year-round is much greater on inground pools.

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Q: Inground Pools Ideal for Year-Round Swimmers?
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Where could a person shop for inground pools?

A person can purchase inground pools online. Sites like Viking Pools, Imperial Pools, and Hilltop Pools allows customers to purchase an inground pool.

who has the lowest prices on inground pools in the Hartford area?

I would say factory direct pools have the cheapest price on inground pools with cheap installation.

Where do swimmers compete?

in pools

What are open air swimming pools called?

Outdoor pool Inground pools.

Do solar blankets for inground pools work?

Yes, they do.

How many pools are there in the US?

There are an estimated 5.2M installed inground pools in the united states

Where can one purchase an inground pool cover?

There are many places one can accquire inground pool covers. A couple of the places that one can purchase an inground pool cover is at Pleasure Pools and Backyard City Pools.

How much does inground pools cost?

up to 50,000 dollars

What are the town of Brookhaven in Suffolk county NY codes for inground swimming pools?

how deep can i put a semi inground pool

Why are swimmers not allowed in swimming pools when there are thunderstorms?

Swimmers are not allowed in swimming pools when there is a storm; thunderstorms because they can be stuck by lightning which can cause to death, injury, etc.

What are the cost associated with maintaining inground pools?

Maintaining inground pools require continually maintenance to make them operate properly. Cleaning, chemical treatment, and filtration service are all required. During winter, pools must also be weatherized.

Is there a pressure release valve built into inground pools for wet weather?

No, not usually.

What is the cost of the new inground doughboy pools installed?

if you have to ask then you cannot afford it

What kind of liner is used for inground pools that aren't concrete?

Installers use vinyl liners to create inground pools without pouring concrete. Here's an overview of the topic

When heating a pool why does inground or above ground matter?

inground pools hold the heat better as the ground naturally acts as an insulator above ground pools have more area to loose heat eg side walls

On inground pools what do you do if the heater is off-line?

Off line -- please explain. Ken

Has Natural Inground Pools ever completed a project?

They never filled our contract for materials

Who in Toronto builds inground swimming pools?

There are many people in Toronto who build in-ground swimming pools. These include Gib-Sans Pools, GibSan, San Juan Fiberglass, and Leisure Pools Online.

How many in ground pools are there in the US?

There are more than 3,000,000 inground swimming pools in the U.S. Wow! That's alot of pool care!

I am interested in in-ground fiberglass pools, is there a website where I can get further information on them?

Here is a company that specializes in building inground fiberglass pools and spas:

Are there touch pads that swimmers must touch to win?

yes there are touch pads in the olympic swimming pools that the swimmers have to touch to win the race.

Who installs inground vinyl liners in Houston?

Garret Vinyl Pools Inc. 281-855-7000

How to Shop for Inground Pools?

When it comes to choosing the right pool for your home, the choices that you have in front of you can often be overwhelming. After all, shopping for pools can be difficult if you don’t know what to look for, especially if you’ve never bought a pool before. Fortunately, a little research can go a long way. By knowing what to look for when shopping for inground pools, you can ensure that you don’t make a costly mistake, and that you end up with a pool that suits your home perfectly. It should be noted that shopping for inground pools can differ significantly from shopping for above ground pools. While the latter are usually portable (in that they can be taken down and set up over and over again), inground pools are permanent fixtures that - once installed - are there to stay. That said, inground pools are far superior to above ground pools in just about every facet. However, this is reflected by the high pricing that often comes along with inground pools. While the pricing may be higher, the quality is incomparable. Shopping for inground pools is all about deciphering which type pool will fit your home. In general, a large pool will not look right with a small home, and the same can be said for the opposite. Matching the size of your home with a proportionate pool is one of the most important things you can do if you’re looking to keep your property as attractive as possible. There are a variety of things to look at when purchasing an inground pool. For one, you’ll want to decide what type of material it is made out of, as there are a variety on the market. Also, you’ll want to consider what shape you’d like your pool to be, as well as how deep. Add to your considerations the various accessories (steps, diving board) that can be added and it becomes clear that shopping for inground pools requires quite a few different decisions. So long as you take time to research what kind of pool fits you best, shopping for inground pools doesn’t have to be hard.

Can cracked inground pools be repaired?

There are three main types of inground swimming pools: concrete, vinyl and fiberglass. All of which are prone to the occasional crack. Luckily for the homeowner such cracks can be repaired. If you are handy you can purchase a do it yourself repair kit at your local pool specialty store.

What is the percentage of homes with pools in Florida?

In florida not as many homes hbae pools as someone would think. The state poll taken in 2010 estimated about 39% of all residential properties actually have inground pools.