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Q: Is community service hours required to get in UCLA?
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How many hours of community service do you need to graduate USC?

You do not have to have any community service hours to enter UCLA.. There are some scholarships that may require this but this is not part of their admission process.

What is the location of UCLA?

UCLA is one of two universities in the University of California system. UCLA is located in the Westwood community in Los Angeles, CA.

What is the required GPA to get accepted into UCLA if you are an athlete?

UCLA doesn't base admissions solely on GPA.

What is the best community college in seattle i hope the school wiil be a relationship with UCLA because i am going to move to UCLA for your university.?

I don't know what the "best" community college is in Seattle, but I can tell you that none of them have a relationship with UCLA. UCLA is a state school in California, thus, the community colleges that have "relationships," so to speak, with UCLA are in California and not Washington. You would be better off going to a community college or JC in California and establishing residency there than staying in Seattle. UC schools are notoriously hard to get into for non-residents of the state of California.

Do they have culinary arts at UCLA?

No. You need to go to a community college. Not a university.

What are the required entrance tests for UCLA?

Sat, satII, and act

Is a high school transcript required for admission to UCLA as an upper division transfer student from a California community college?

"UCLA needs official transcripts from all institutions you have attended. (Unless specifically requested in your Provisional Admission Contract, we do not require a high school transcript.)"

What entrance exams are required for UCLA?

The entrance exams required by UCLA are the ACT and the ACT writing test or the SAT test. These tests must be completed prior to the December before the term you wish to enroll in.

Class ranking required to attend UCLA?

There is no specific class ranking required to attend UCLA as a normal undergraduate. If you intend to apply to the College Honors Program, however, you're required to rank within the top 3 percent of your graduating class.

Could i get into ucla i am a junior w a 3.8 gpa but i am taking many ap classes the next two years so i plan to get around a 4.1 i have about 80 hours of community service and some ec's whatchathink?

Yes I think so. If u do reasonably well on the sats and have a good entrance essay, you will most likely get in :)

Required GPA for UCLA graduate psychology?

dont worry about it you have no shot if your asking this

How long is a typical class in UCLA?

The shortest class I ever took at UCLA was 50 minutes long. The longest class was 4 hours long.