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If you have a good marine or navy recruiter. They will make arrangements for you. This is from a former navy chief recruiter.

I tutor ASVAb. I live in Wrentham Ma.

i need some tutoring for the asvab test

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Q: Is there any asvab tutor who can help me with the test?
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Can anyone join the army without taking the ASVAB test?

You have to take the ASVAB to enlist in any of the armed forces.

ASVAB vocab vs sat vocab what is the difference if any?

They are two different tests. The asvab is s military based test; therefore there is different vocabulary. I recommend studying for the test you take. If taking the asvab you can get study guides on post.

How Use the word tutor in a sentence?

Mrs. Falkner, a retired teacher, offered to tutor any students who failed the test. Dad hired a tutor to help my sister in math. Once he started working with a tutor, his grades improved. She earned extra money as an after school tutor at John Hancock High School.

Where can one find a list of ACT test practice questions?

The best way for studying for the Act test is paying a tutor that can help if you have any doubts. There is a book that are selling for ACT test, online programs and even smalls groups.

Is a score of 51 on the ASVAB considered failing?

No. You can't fail the asvab. a score of 51 means you got more correct answers than 51% of the people that took the test. You should be able to join any branch with a score of 51

Is there any cost associated with ASVAB testing ?

The ASVAB tet is administered absolutely free to anyone interested in joining the armed forces. Generally a recruiter will pick you up and drive you to the test as well as put you up in hotel room for the night, all free of charge.

Is Any 11Th standard student if any please help out with biology?

Ask something specific. Otherwise, Google or a tutor

Do I need a specific officer recruiter to go in as an officer. I have a masters degree, received a 95 on the ASVAB ?

No, any recruiter would be able to help you.

WHERE CAN i find the answers to 5 grade ELA test?

you can ask your teacher or tutor for help but they won't give you any answers,you'll need to study it yourself and for those in fifth grade, don't expect to get youranswers in here. We adults are not going to help you cheat your way through.

Hello, I was trying to get info about math tutoring I am 27 and need help with the math section of the Nurse Entrance Test. I would appreciate any helpful info. Thanks.?

Go to your local college there are many students who will tutor others who need it.

What websites let you take the army basic test?

Sorry, not familiar with the "Army basic test." Before you enter any service, you must take and pass the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Pattery (Skills) Test (ASVAB), but there is no website where it can be taken. You must report to a recruiter and schedule it.

Three Signs of Needing a Tutor?

Thinking about getting a tutor? You will know when you need a tutor. You will either feel it in your spirit or your grades will alert you that you may need some help. By all means, tutors should not be viewed as a negative thing because they are truly there to support individuals with their academic assignments. In addition, tutors are great to have when individuals need a motivational boost to understand why it is so important to do well in school. There are three signs of needing a tutor, which include the following: 1. Low Test Scores: If you notice that your test scores are lower than what you expected, and then it will be in one's best interest to ask a tutor to help you better understand the material. For example, you may discover that you scored poorly in the area of writing a thesis statement and a cohesive writing piece. This is a perfect opportunity to hire a writing tutor to help with these areas of need. 2. Missing Deadlines: In college, it can get a little rough because there are so many deadlines to meet and they are typically around the same time or on the same day. If you find yourself missing deadlines often, then it is strongly recommended to hire a tutor to help with time management and organizational skills. A tutor can help remind you of deadlines, as well as, teach you how to manage your time in chunks that will benefit you and increase your chances of getting a better grade. 3. History of Learning: If you already know that you may have issues in a certain area, then you may want to have a tutor on call to help you throughout the semester. For example, one semester you may need assistance in English on developing several papers. Typically, you may need to see a tutor at least four tutoring sessions for two hours at a time. On the other hand, you may need a tutor to help with math homework for a session or two. Individuals who are experiencing any of these signs should try to find a qualified tutor who has experience in the specific courses or areas of need.