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Not everyone has their wisdom teeth removed. If you do have to have your wisdom teeth removed, find a doctor that knows what they are doing and try to get them all removed at the same time. Most doctors will use laughing gas for sedation. Some doctors will put you fully to sleep to remove the wisdom teeth. Recovery is about three to four days with a soft diet.

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Q: Laugh Your Way to Wisdom Teeth Removal?
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Can the removal of wisdom teeth cause gaps between the remaining teeth?

Yes, as the teeth can shift in the bone when the wisdom teeth are no longer there to keep them in place. Yes, but in a minimal way. The gaps that can be mostly noticed are in the back area. Rarely front teeth are affected.

The difference in symptoms of between an abscess and wisdom teeth?

The removal of one's wisdom teeth is usually the cause of an abcess, also known as a dry socket. An abcess is extremely painful and can prevent comfortable eating or sleeping. I don't claim to have a DDS, but I do know this much. I hope that helps! :-D Painful teeth are possibly the worst to deal with. I have a wisdom tooth that is almost all the way in as we speak.

What are the benefits of wisdom teeth?

Way back when, wisdom teeth were used for chewing harder materials that today we cannot digest (aka bark). An appendix was used for digesting bark. Wisdom teeth were very helpful when we were cavemen, but not now. We have evolved to not need wisdom teeth anymore, therefore they are pulled out. Many people don't even have wisdom teeth. I had three.

Why do wisdom teeth have to be surgically removed?

Because of the way the human mouth has evolved, the wisdom teeth can't fit properly in there anymore.

Why are there wisdom teeth?

Because we we're created with wisdom teethHumans developed wisdom teeth early on as a way to grind up the tough meat, vegetables, nuts, and other foods we often ate.

What are the kinds of teeth?

The kinds of teeth are the incisors (your front teeth) next are the canines (the sharp teeth) then your pre-molars and molars ( the ones all the way to the back, they could be called cheek teeth since they are at your cheeks) and maybe your wisdom tooth (not everybody has wisdom teeth) By the way, whenever you get pain all the way to the back of your mouth it means your wisdom tooth is trying to grow but it can't since it doesn't have enough space in your mouth.

How common is it to be born without any wisdom teeth buds?

Very common, a lot of people never develop wisdom teeth. There is nothing wrong with you, it's just the way some people are. If you mean that you actually don't have them when you are little, you aren't supposed to have wisdom teeth buds yet.You have 25 % chances of being born with one or more wisdom teeth missing.

Why do wisdom teeth grow?

Wisdom teeth grow just like all other teeth, to provide a way of breaking down food for consumption. They are delayed a few years to allow the mouth to fully grow and other teeth to settle.

Can you still get Invisalign if you have your wisdom teeth?

They are going to have to take out the wisdom teeth in order for you to have in Invisalign because, with your wisdom teeth still in your mouth after the Invisalign Tray set is all done with your teeth will just shift back to the way they were. That's what my dentist told me. It would also be in your best interest to get all four of your wisdom teeth out at the same time, so you only have to go through the pain of it once.

Can wisdom teeth start coming in at age 6?

no possible way

How long will swelling last before your wisdom teeth removal?

When my sister had hers removed she was swelled up for about a week but her first 2 days were the worst.Anyhow you will have pain meds and ibprophen.Put it this way when she came home she looked like a woodchuck!

What is the only way to dislodge a blood clot after wisdom teeth extraction?


Why do they pull wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth get pulled out to prevent pain and discomfort. If the wisdom teeth don't have enough room in the back of your mouth and they grow in they will push your existing teeth out of the way and cause them to be mashed together. They can also grow in sideways, this is known as being 'impacted'. Sores can grow on your gums and become infected, leading to major problems down the road.

If you have straight but gapped teeth and do not have your wisdom teeth yet will the wisdom teeth help close the gap when they come in?

No, it is a common belief that they will close gaps but trust me it does not work that way. Wisdom teeth are generally removed when they start to erupt especially considering they have no function and the high possibility of them impacting on other teeth or risk of infections. It is best to get braces for gaps but a product called Invisalign will work too as another option.

How much to remove one wisdom tooth?

I just recently had my wisdom teeth out and it cost about $250 a tooth. Don't let cost get in the way of getting them out if possible. I was told to get my wisdom teeth out about five years ago and since I waited so long my wisdom teeth pushed up against the molars they were next to and damaged them so they had to be removed as well. I was also getting infections in them. For me, the initial price (For just the wisdom teeth) was $2300. That's everything the anesthesia, removal, etc. Fortunately my oral surgeon told me to ask the receptionists if there was any kind of payment plan or anyway I could knock the price down a bit. They were able to lower the price to $2237, which was even lower than the inital price for just the wisdom teeth alone! Make sure that when you go to have your teeth removed you ask about a payment plan. Most people go into the health-care field to help people.

How many teeth do you count back to find your wisdom tooth?

its all the way in the back

Can you drink the night before wisdom tooth removal?

only water if it's anything else no way.

Can you get a wisdom tooth pulled if it hasn't come in all the way?

Yes. In fact, most wisdom teeth are removed because there is not enough room for them to fit in the mouth. True. But if it is beneath the gum tissue it will be a surgical extraction that may require an incision and bone removal. Many times this is most comfortable under an IV anesthesia, but can be done with local anesthesia.

How do I tell if my wisdon teeth are coming in?

One way to tell if your wisdom teeth are coming is if your gums hurt toward the very back of your mouth.

Should you remove your teeth four at a time?

Yes, you can have four teeth removed at once. Wisdom teeth are done this way to quicken the recovery time of doing two, then two again.

Is there any possible way to get away with smoking 3 days after wisdom teeth removal?

I suppose. Smoking shortly after having your wisdom teeth removed simply delays the healing process and increases the risk of having a complication call a dry socket. This is an extremely painful condition that is easily treated by the surgeon. Smoking does not guarantee you will get a dry socket, it only increases the risk. Go ahead, live on the edge, if you enjoy the most excruciating pain of your life!?

You are 30 and have had 3 wisdom teeth out will the other one stay dormant if it has not come through already?

No way to tell, teeth behaviour isn't always possible to predict.

How in the world can you cure numbness after getting wisdom teeth pulled out?

I find the fastest way is just to sleep it off.

Why do you need to remove the wisdom teeth?

Because sometimes you don't have enough room in your mouth for them. And sometimes, if they were allowed to grow in, they would push your other teeth out of the way and make them crooked.

Why do your wisdom teeth have to be taken out?

they dont NEED to be taken out all the time. its just that usually our mouths cannot fit another set of teeth and since they are the last ones in they are the first to go and they are all the way in the back and sometimes never even break through. some people still have their wisdom teeth it just depends on the space