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Smart homeowners use the latest alternative energy technology to power their homes and gardens. A great outdoor lighting solution is one that uses solar power. The simplest solar landscaping lights are the stake types which could be installed directly into the ground. This means that no wiring is required for such lights, and they can be installed anywhere there is direct sunlight. The biggest issue with solar powered outdoor lights is the relatively weak illumination. In fact, most solar stake lights have small LED light bulbs that are rated with only a few lumens. Nevertheless, it is enough illumination for a comfortable walk through the driveway or trail leading to the home's entrance.

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Q: Outdoor Lighting: Solar Powered Lights
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Where can one purchase solar powered brass trimmed outdoor lighting?

Brass trimmed solar lighting for outdoor use is available through various retailers. For instance, Home Depot carries numerous solar lights in its inventory. Businesses that sell solar powered lights specifically will likely have a larger selection, though.

Does Hinkley Outdoor Lighting carry solar powered lamps?

Yes, Hinkley Outdoor Lighting does have a great selection of solar powered outdoor lighting. You can find a wide variety of Hinkley products at

What is the best type of lighting for the outdoor patio?

The best outdoor lighting for your own is really a matter of personal preference. The best lighting for soft glow on your patio is solar powered twinkle lights.

Where can one purchase solar power outdoor lighting?

One can purchase solar powered outdoor lighting from home improvement and specialty lighting stores. Alternately, solar powered outdoor lighting can be purchased from electronic commercial corporations and online auction sites (e.g. Amazon, eBay).

Is there outdoor lighting for balconies?

There is outdoor lighting for balconies that provides serene and comfortable lights. Porch lights can be purchased from Home Depot, Lowe's , and Ace Hardware. Some outdoor lightening is solar powered and wireless. Others can be routed to an outlet and plugged in for your convenience.

What is solar powered outdoor lighting used for?

Outdoor solar powered lighting can be used for a variety of things such as lighting a garden or driveway. Lights are now available to light sheds and can be motion sensitive to assist with crime prevention. Now that these products are so readily available they have become significantly cheaper than when they were first released.

Is outdoor solar lighting expensive compared to normal electric powered lighting to install?

Solar lighting is expensive but it will save you money. For more information:

Do outdoor landscape lights use a lot of electricity?

Outdoor landscape lights do not use much electricity if you decide to buy the 'hard wired' electric lights. One of the most popular options with landscape lighting is using solar powered lights and they do not use any electricity.

Does Target sell green lamps that are solar powered?

There are no listings at Target for green lamps that are solar powered. There are listings for decorative outdoor lights that are solar powered, and some of these come in green.

Who is outdoor lighting sourcer at Lowes?

Lowes uses many differnt outdoor lightin sources. From solar powered LED lights to out door wall lights. Please visit your Lowes website and your local Lowes warehouse store for more information.

What type of outdoor lights provide for the best lighting?

The type of outdoor light you are looking for will depend on what the intended use is. For example, if you are looking for outdoor lights for a basketball court or a construction site, high powered halogen lights are usually the way to go. However if you are looking for decorative outdoor lights as a driveway marker, solar lights can give the soft glow you are looking for without costing a fortune.

Does Home Depot sell outdoor lights that are solar powered?

Yes, Home Depot sells a variety of solar powered outdoor lights. They range in price from as low as $9.97 to $14.00 for single lights, to $80.00 for packs of 10. Yes, Home Depot sells all kinds of solar powered lights for the outdoors in all different shades and styles. Make sure to search the reviews first.

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