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form_title=Remove Car Warranty form_header=Sometimes you decide that you don't want the protection of an extended car warranty. What type of warranty did you have?=_ How much money did you pay per month?=_ Why do you want to cancel your warranty?=_

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Q: Remove Car Warranty
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How do you fix a stuck seatbelt on 2005 Camry?

Your car should be still on warranty, call your dealer and let him to have that headache.If you do not have warranty for your car. You have to remove the panel covering the belt assembly. Most likely you will have to replace it.

What is the average length of a car warranty?

The average length of a car warranty is about a year. If the age of the car goes over a year, the warranty of the car will no longer be valid and thus, there is no insurance or warranty.

Will a car dvd player void my cars warranty?

Your car's warranty covers it's mechanical parts.The interior isn't under warranty and what you do to the interior has no impact on the car's warranty.

What does an extended warranty do and how can I get one?

The benefits of having an extended warranty for a car is if you are in a car accident the warranty will cover the cost damages. To get a car warranty you can go to a site called

Can a bank make you buy an extended car warranty in exchange for a lower interest rate in PA And if not do they have to remove the warranty from my loan since we since we told them we didNOT want it?

A bank cannot require a warranty for a car loan. If it is the bank requiring you to buy the warranty you can report them to the PA Banking Commission. However, this is a typical scam from the car dealer saying the bank requires it when they actually don't. The car dealer is really making you buy an overpriced warranty.

When a car manufacturer gives a four year or 40000 miles factory warranty on a vehicle does the warranty go with the car or with the original owner?

Manufacture warranty goes with the car. It does not matter how many owners the car has within the time frame of the warranty.

How would you word a warranty on a used car?

"As Is" is a key word to place in the warranty of a used car.

How do you cancel an extended car warranty?

Call up the car company, or number on the warranty paper.

How can I find out the details for my new car extended warranty?

I have boughten used car warranty before and went through state farm insurance company. The new car warranty should be in the package you get when you bought car that show you all warranty that is offered.

How do you extend car warranty?

go to for an extended warranty

How can one check their aftermarket car warranty?

One can check their aftermarket car warranty through several different methods. One can check their aftermarket car warranty by contacting the location in which the actual warranty was purchased through email or phone.

What is the extended warranty offered by Future Shop for car audio MP3 products?

The extended warranty offered by Future Shop for car audio MP3 products is an additional warranty to the warranty given by the company of the car audio MP3 product.

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