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form_title=Tech Insurance form_header=If you have a high tech and cutting edge business you could really benefit from insurance programs designed specifically for the technology industry. Select the area of your technology business:= {(),IT consultants,Application service providers,Database administrators/designer. Computer consultants,Computer programmers,Hardware installation experts,Integration Specialists,IT project managers,Online security specialists,Software developers,System designers,Website developers,Other} Type of insurance needed (Check all that apply):= [] Professional liability insurance [] General liability insurance [] Business owner insurance [] Workers' compensation insurance [] Other Type of Business Entity:= {(),Corporation,LLC,Sole Proprietorship,Partnership,Non Profit,Trust,Other} Years In Business:=_

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The company called Tech Insurance provides small businesses with cheap technological insurance. This insurance protects the company insured from liability if a technological error occurs.

One can purchase internet business insurance online by visiting the Tech Insurance website. One can also visit the Net Quote website to obtain a quotation for a specific term of insurance.

Online insurance quotes are free because they serve a basis for tech-savy individuals who would like to simulate what a real insurance plan would look like, if they were to choose that insurance company along with its policies.

There are a number of contractor liability insurance companies and but not a specific one listed under that name. One company that offers this insurance is Tech Insurance and their address is 1301 Central Expressway South, Suite 115, Allen, Texas.

E&O Insurance for tech companies (AKA Professional liability insurance) is important because the general liability and BOP policies do not include any coverage for claims arising out of professional services rendered. Programming errors, bugs, glitches, etc are covered in this definition. If your company provides professional services, make sure you buy the E&O add on that can usually be offered with your BOP policy. Premium for IT liability insurance starts at $450 in California, the tech E&O add on is roughly $1,000 minimum but is based on your sales. Chris Larmore - Parenti Insurance

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