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In reality, there are a handful of wireless network extenders available on the market. Someone who works in an office with Wi-Fi should take advantage of these products. Extending the range will result in a faster connection that does not cut out often. Undoubtedly, these extenders work wonders in such an environment.

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Q: Using a Wireless Network Extender
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Where can one buy a Verizon wireless network extender?

One can buy a Verizon wireless network extender at your local Radioshack. A dedicated agent will be happy to help you find the extender you want to use.

What would someone use a wireless network extender for?

The reason that one would want to use a wireless network extender would be to expand the area for ones network connection. A network extender allows one to expand the range easily and quickly.

What wireless device can extend the range of a wireless network withpout physically connection to the network?

It's wireless network booster or extender. It costs almost as much as a wireless router.

Will the Samsung Wireless extender from Verizon Wireless work with Straight Talk phones that use the Verizon Network?


What will help an access point's transmission reach further?

Wireless network extender.

What is a Range Extender used for?

Range Extenders are used as part of a wireless network. When placed inside the range of the main wireless router, the extender will bounce the signal, without the need for any additional network wiring.

When does one need wireless extenders for a network?

One needs a wireless network extender when one decides to go to an area where their home phone or internet service is unable to be used. For instance, if one were to go outside and walk around, one would be able to do so if they had a wireless network extender.

Which wireless card has the strongest signal?

They will be roughly the same so try the Wireless PCI Card Network Range Extender Antenna.

I want to know what a wireless network extender is and how people use them.?

It basically helps to improve signal strength. As an example if I have poor wireless coverage in my area and I have a broadband network it will work to improve my signal strength.

Where can I find a rebate form for the Verizon Network Extender?

Where can I find the rebate form for the Verizon Network Extender?

What is a 'wireless extender' - it is some sort of plug which is plugged into the wall but not into anything else on the other end. What does it do?

A wireless extender or more commonly a wireless range extender is a device that increases the range of the wireless network supplied by the wireless router or wireless access point (WAP). It is used by first configuring it to connect to the router/WAP's wireless signal and then it is placed in an appropriate area to help reach parts of the office or home environment in which the signal is too weak prior to deployment of said extender. The best place to set up a range extender is where the signal from the router/WAP is still fairly strong. Typically a signal that is still detected as three out of five bars is fine. Weaker than that and the quality of connection for the remote wireless workstation will not be of acceptable quality to provide decent service.To answer the other part of your question, you are correct. The extender does not need to be plugged into anything other than power. It works with the wireless network over the airwaves just like any wireless device would.If you have any other questions about wireless networking or networking in general, feel free to drop me a line.

Do you get charge on your wireless network using your cellphone?


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