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form_title= Vinyl Fencing form_header= Install fencing and protect your love ones. What is the square footage of your yard?*= _ [50] What color do you want the fencing?*= _ [50] Do you need to remove old fencing?*= () Yes () No

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Q: Vinyl Fencing
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Related questions

I want to know where to buy vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fencing is available for purchase at a number of store, including Home Depot and Lowe's. Vinyl fencing can also be bought at a number of online retailers such as Amazon.

What colors does vinyl fencing come in?

We're doing some work on our garden and wanted to add some decorative fencing. What color options are there for vinyl fencing?

Is vinyl fencing better than wood fencing?

I have come across a need to have fencing in my backyard. The weather around here is crazy sometimes, and I am not sure what kind of fencing that I should get. Is vinyl fencing more durable than wood fencing?

What is the lifespan is of vinyl fencing?

It is a matter of opinion buy vinyl fencing costs more in the long run, but it looks 'cheaper' and less professional than cedar fencing. You must also check with your homeowners association to see if they allow vinyl fencing.

Where can I find information online on vinyl fencing?

I would like to buy a new fence made of vinyl. Where can i find online some designs of vinyl fencing?

Does vinyl fencing require any maintenance at all?

With all fencing there are some maintenance that is involved due to the wear of the fence. Vinyl fencing does require less maintance then the other types of fences.

Vinyl Fencing and Repair?

form_title=Install Vinyl Fencing form_header=Vinyl Fencing is an attractive and durable method of fencing. har What service do you need?= () Materials Only () Materials and Installation () Installation Only () Other Do you have an existing fence that needs repairs?= () Yes () No What is the sqaure footage of the area being fenced?=_

From a security standpoint, what would be the best material for cattle fencing?

When security and safety are the utmost concerns in your livestock fencing, consider vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing provides the necessary strength to contain cattle without harming them. Unlike metal fencing Vinyl fencing does not have sharp edges, does not rust and is far easier to install. You do not need special equipment to stretch vinyl fencing which installs like wood, but is pre-cut and measured for your convenience. Vinyl was once a far more expensive option than metal, but is now almost comparable and far cheaper than wood. Vinyl fencing holds up under adverse weather conditions far better than other fencing options which saves money over time.

want free establishments and details on vinyl fencing.?

If you want free establishments and details on vinyl fencing, it will be difficult to find this information. has some information on vinyl fencing, but they do not offer free estimates. Try looking at the yellow pages to find a local dealer.

What are the best and where do I find more info on a vinyl fencing? has a wide variety of choices for vinyl fencing. It is much tougher then regular fencing. is also a good site. Lowe's has some good prices as well.

Where can I buy vinyl fencing online?

Buy Vinyl Fence website has a large selection of vinyl fencing. They have been in the fence business over 50 years and they carry American made and environment friendly products. The website has pictures and installation videos on their website.

Which home improvement stores in Edmonton sell vinyl fencing?

There are many home improvement stores in Edmonton and the surrounding areas that sell vinyl fencing. Some examples of these stores are Lowes or Home Depot.

Options for Buying Vinyl Fencing?

If you are looking to buy vinyl fencing in the near future, you have several options on where to buy it. You're going to want to choose the place that has the options you want. Ideally, you'll want thicker vinyl for durability. Lowe's and Home Depot, being in most cities, are your best bet. These stores will also order fencing for you if it's not already in stock.

Vinyl Fencing Is Durable, Easier Upkeep?

Vinyl fencing is becoming more popular due in part to its durability. Unlike wood, it does not rot as time goes on. Vinyl will remain attractive for many more years than a wood fence. It does not need to be treated, stained or painted. Wood fences need to be pressure washed and painted every few years to keep them looking good and prevent the wood from rotting. Vinyl fencing is easy to clean with a hose and a bucket of soapy water.

Vinyl Fence?

form_title=Vinyl Fence form_header=Vinyl fencing is the low maintenance and cost efficient way to fence your yard. Are you looking for a service to install a vinyl fence?*= () Yes () No What is the size of the yard that you need fenced?*= _[50] Do you have pets that need to be fenced in?*= () Yes () No

What are the benefits of chain link fencing?

Chain link fencing is said to be most cost efficient compared to traditional wood fences and vinyl fences. Chain link fences do not require much maintenance.

What is the cheapest, yet most reliable, cattle fencing avaliable?

Vinyl cattle fence gates are efective fo keeping cows in,and it is relatively inexspensive. Electric fences are still the widely used tye of fencing for cows.

How good is vinyl fencing and where can I get it?

Vinyl fencing is certainly an unusual product which can be hard to track down. My advice would be to start with the big/well known Do It Yourself shops who should then be able to point you in the right direction for this more specialist product. Then stick with stockist who have the best reputation according to online review sites/discussion forums.

What stores will sell a vinyl fence panel?

Well, where do you live? I can point you in the direction of, but I don't think they sell outside of the US. However, it might be a good idea to take a look anyway, there's a whole lot of information on there about different types of fencing, vinyl and other kinds.

How do you glue vinyl to vinyl?

Vinyl adhesive.

What is the Most Traditional Fencing?

Nothing could be more appealing than beautifying your residential property with exquisite traditional vinyl fencing. Traditional vinyl fencing gives a classic touch that significantly improves the worth of your residential space. If you are keen to know what the purest form of traditional fencing is, the answer lies in wood fencing. Wood is probably considered to be the aged-old material for designing fences and it has continued to be the most desirable one for the residential owners. They possess a rich look and texture that uplift the aesthetic beauty of your residential space effortlessly. With time, it has been found that wood fencings become prone to termites, rotting, and stains which make them difficult to maintain. They get damaged due to the exposure of Southwest Sun and therefore, they need to be repainted, repaired, or, even replaced more often than not. DuraGrain virgin vinyl fence is the perfect alternative to wood fencing that gives the same, rustic touch as traditional wood fencing but requires less maintenance. DuraGrain wood fences are low maintenance vinyl fence. They are designed with a high-end DuraResin vinyl formulation that does not allow fences to get discolored, damaged, or faded. DuraGrain fences, especially the white ones, do not lose their charm and hence, stay in a flawless condition for a long period. These fences do not require repainting and can be rinsed off with a hose. Furthermore, DuraGrain looks flawless without any need for screws and brackets. Therefore, these fences provide an unparalleled level of beauty with a lifetime of carefree performance. Get in Touch with Duramax Fences for Having Stunning DuraGrain Fence for Your Home Duramax Fences is a USA-based manufacturer from where you can buy traditional vinyl fencing according to your specific style and color. It provides you with robust, long-lasting, and attractive-looking Duragrain fences that can be easily installed by a local installer or by yourself.

What kind of maintenance does outdoor plastic fencing require?

Plastic fencing requires very little or little maintenance that you can clean it once in 3 months or even once in 6 months. Cleaning the plastic or vinyl fencing is simply done by spraying water using a water hose. In a few cases where dirt or cut-grass gathers on the plastic fence, you may need to scrub it off. So long as it resistant to ultraviolet radiation you merely have to keep it clean. If if becomes particularly dirty you can get vinyl cleaner from hardware stores, but in general a good pressure washing once or twice a year is all that's required. The beauty of plastic/PVC vinyl fencing is that is requires very little maintenance. It doesn't need to be painted, doesn't splinter and requires no sealer. You want to be careful when mowing or trimming not to ding or scar the lower portion of the fence. You might also hose it off on occasion if dust and dirt collects on the lower portion of the fencing, especially if you have it running across the front of your property.

What is best kind of fence to use for horses?

Wooden fencing is the best kind, though it can be expensive! Electric fencing works, but they require lots of maintenance, and vinyl fences last the longest. If you're looking for cheap stuff, woven wire fencing is the best. Rope fences work as temporary fencing, though never for a permanent fence. AVOID BARBED WIRE, but if you must use it, replace all rusty wire, and constantly check it to make sure it is strung tight and not lying loose on the ground, where horse's can step on it.

How much does it cost to repair the vinyl on a dodge dart?

Vinyl seats? Vinyl roof? Vinyl dash pad? Vinyl door panel?

Is vinyl fencing an appurtenant structure?

If your referring to the main security fence around your property, be it vinyl wood or metal, it is considered an additional structure by most insurance companies. If you mean some other type of decorative fence like those sometimes found around flowers and such, then no it would likely not be considered structural.