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US Civil War

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What name was given to the fight between proslavery and antislavery forces following the passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Act

Which states seceded after Lincoln asked them for troops

Why did southern states progress more slowly than the northern states

I was a publisher whose abolitionist views were radical even in the North. I believed in civil disobedience and many abolitionists disagreed with my views about equality for women. Who am I

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Q: Was California along the route of the underground railroad?
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What role were quilts believed to have played on the Underground Railroad?

They included maps to safe houses along the route north.

What were Safe-houses that dotted the northern escape route for slaves along the Underground Railroad called?

Slave hoses were houses that housed nice people hiding the slaves. it is a chain of houses that make the underground railroad.

What was the undeground railroad?

The Underground Railroad was a secret route that led slaves to freedom.

What route did Harriet Tubman take?

The Underground Railroad.

Where wasn't the underground railroad route to?

The South States

Does the underground railroad run through Mt Rushmore?

no the underground railroad was not even a tangible thing it was a route from the Confederate South to the Union North as an escape route for slaves

How did abolitionists attempt to end slavery?

they attempted to end slavery by hiding slaves in their house and helping them escape slavery through the underground railroad. the underground railroad was an escape route for slaves to escape the harsh cruelty of slavery. the underground railroad is not a railroad underground.

In 1838 what very dangerous route to freedom was organized?

the underground railroad.

Why was the route taken by slaves called the Underground Railroad?

because it was secret

What is the Mormon Trail for underground railroad?

The Underground Railroad was a way that slaves escaped to freedom. The Mormon Trail was a route the Mormons took to find religious freedom.

What was the last station on underground railroad route through New Jersey?


How many slaves escape using the underground railroad?

There is no way to tell exactly how many slaves escaped using the underground railroad. This was a successful route to freedom for a great many.