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Some activities for kids that would possibly help parents become more responsible would be to take them out for family vacations to spend more time together.

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Q: What are activities for kids and parents?
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What activities are available for children at Stowe mountain lodge?

Stowe Mountain Lodge is a family-friendly destination with activities for kids. They have a Kids' Night Out program that gives them a chance to do outdoor activities with other kids while their parents enjoy a little time on their own.

Can kids learn to like activities that are forced upon them by their parents?

Yes they can. they are able to easily pick up actions and follow their parents

Where can I find more information on indoor activities for kids?

There are all kinds of indoor activities for parents to do with their children. For a full list of activities I would recommend seeing the website of

What are some activities that kids love to do?

Playing sports, playing with their friends, and being with their parents. See related links for some free ideas for kids.

How can I meet the other neighborhood kids?

You can do a formal introduction to their parent. Then get to know the family, and kids. But request for play and outside activities must go through the parents.

Do parents noncustodial parents have to take their kids to the child's practices and activities on their weekends?

What kind of question is that? Are you seriously a non custodial parent that even thinks that is a question. You don't want to take your kids to their activities? Its called being an involved parent. The law doesnt need to be addressed, you need to step up to the plate and be a parent.

Why do parents do it when they have kids?

parents have sex when they have kids because its fun to them.

Who spends more money KIds or Parents?

Kids and parents

How many kids have after school activities?

a lot of kids

How many kids do the cimorellis parents have?

The Cimoreills parents have 6 kids

How many kids have activities after school?

Surveys and research show that 53/58 kids have after school activities. -V ;)

What activities do kids in Brazil do after school?

Kids in Brazil do soccer.

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