what are some common underwear mistakes?


Size really does matter. Getting the correct bra fit can be tough, but most lingerie stores offer free fittings. Wearing the correct bra size will do wonders for your comfort and your figure.

Commando - no

Don't go commando during the day, especially if you are wearing jeans. The liner in your undies will stop any seams from rubbing and chafing your skin.

Commando - yes

Going commando at night, however, can be an excellent idea. It's less confining and allows your body to breathe.

Bra hooks

When buying a bra, always choose one that fits on the middle hook. That way, you can be flexible with the fit if you gain or lose a few pounds.


Bra straps hanging out of a shirt look tacky. Fix the problem by getting bras that have the proper straps (or strapless) to go with the shirt you want to wear.


Do an underwear purge every year (every six months is better) and throw out anything that's old or tattered to make room for new stuff.


Thong underwear is great for hiding panty lines, but it is very important to get a proper fit. Thong underwear should never be too tight.


Always wear a sports bra when you work out, no matter what cup size you are.

Matching sets

If you haven't yet experienced the wonder of a matching bra and panty set, it's time to invest in some. They are incredible.


Want your bra to keep its shape? Hand wash it and lay it flat to dry. It will last much, much longer that way.


Depending on how often they're worn, bras wear out after about a year. After that, toss them and get new ones to ensure you're getting the best support.