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Football, Rugby And sports where you are always running, you are breathing heavily using oxgygen therefore it is aerobic

Soccer is a aerobic sport because you are running continuosly, the only part of a soccer team who isn't is the goalkeeper.

also, aerobic respiration is respiration using oxygen, so all sports that let you breath envolve aerobic respiration.

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Football, Gymnastics, Basketball, Swimming, Soccer, Tennis, Cheer leading, and Trampoline.

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Q: What athletes use aerobic respiration?
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How do you use Aerobic Respiration in a sentence?

Mammals use aerobic respiration.

What does the squid use for respiration?

aerobic respiration

What substance does aerobic respiration use that anaerobic respiration does not use?


The Difference of aerobic respiration and unaerobic respiration?

Aerobic Respiration: Respiration that requires oxygen Anaerobic Respiration: respiration that does not use oxygen aerobic respiration is continuous. anaerobic respiration has no new subsrates from photosynthesis to continue. it is usually shorter and not as efficient.

What type of respiration would a marathon runner use?

aerobic respiration

What is Slowest ATP regeneration process?

Aerobic Respiration

How does a fish use aerobic cellular respiration?

Gills split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, used for aerobic cellular respiration.

What is the process that requires oxygen to occur?

The name of the process that requires oxygen is aerobic respiration. Aerobic respiration takes in oxygen and releases carbon dioxide.

Respiration with and without oxygen is called?

Aerobic respiration requires oxygen; anaerobic respiration does not use oxygen.

What molecule is used during aerobic respiration?

Cellular respiration can be aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen, anaerobic respiration does not need oxygen.

Which type of respiration uses oxygen?

Aerobic respiration uses oxygen it is main source of energy in nearly all multicellular organisms and many unicellular animals.

What process in the mitochondrion?

It is called the respiration. Aerobic respiration takes place in it