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It is important to note that any diet can work on some people, because they will change their eating and exercising habits in general as they attempt to lose weight through the diet. Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig diets have been shown (though not necessarily "proven") to help some lose weight.

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Are there specific diets for blood types?

There are specific diets for weight loss according to blood type, but like many other diets, none have been conclusively proven to work. There is no magic bullet for weight loss.

Which diets have been proven to work?

With a variety of diets out there, it is hard to know which is the best one to choose. Total weight loss varies by individual. The best plan to choose is one that you think you can stick to.

Does the brown fat revolution diet really work?

The Brown Fat Revolution Diet has not been neither proven nor dis-proven, as all diets will have effect on some. A good thing to do in all diets is to portion food and exercise (With intake must be calorie expenditure!).

What are some diets that have been scientifically proven to work?

Here's the honest truth, almost any diet will work if you stick to it. Diets have get a bad rap because they are hard to maintain. weight watchers, the zone diet and the south beach diet are all great. you just have to commit.

Has it been proven that voodoo dolls truly work in real life?

when have it been proven that voodoo dolls work in real life

where online can I find a list of speciality diets that are proven to work?

One website that offers some specialty diets and compares them is medicine.net. Diets vary from person to person depending on how you pair them with exercise, what your weight loss goal is, and such.

Does electricity work in space?

Electricity works in space because it has been proven to work on the space shuttles. Electricity has also been proven to work on the space stations.

What diets promise to lose weight fast?

One of the most famous diets currently on the market is the Dukan diet. This diet has been tested by many people, and hase been proven for many people to loose weight.

What is the impact of dieting on teen nutrition?

Many of the diets and diet products on the market have not been proven by clinical studies as effective in the long term for adults; they certainly have not been proven safe or effective as a solution to weight problems

Was timetravel proven?

timetravel has multiple theories about how it could work but none of them have been proven yet.

Has Procerin been proven to work?

Currently, Procerin hasn't been proven to work in hair loss problems. The people who say Procerin to be working are the marketers of it. The only proven hair loss remedies are Propecia and Rogaine.

What is the meaning of body cleansing diets?

Body cleansing diets claim to rid your body of "toxins." There are no medical benefits that have been proven by this diet, however some claim to have lost weight and their bodies feel better after the diet.

Are there any anti aging skin care products that are actually proven to work?

Yes there are a few, very few, anti aging skin care products that have actually been proven to work. Dermajuv Complete Rejuvenation System is one of those products that has been clinically proven to work.

How do you use alchemy?

Alchemy has been proven not to work. It is sheer fiction.

What is the logic of scientific inquiry?

The scientific method has been proven to work.

Which diet solution programs work?

The 17 Day Carb Diet is a good one; it has been reviewed in publications such as USA Today and others and has been proven to be effective if you stick to it. Otherwise the effectiveness of diets varies from person to person and your unique eating history and diet tendencies.

Where can I locate a list of diets for weight loss that have been proven to work?

You may take a look at www.webmd.com/vitamins-and...11/diet-weight-loss-supplements, women.webmd.com/pharmacist-11/rapid-weight-loss, www.menshealth.com/mhlists/how_to_lose_weight/index.php

What pill makes your butt bigger?

There is not one that has actually been proven to work.

Does the 5 second rule really work?

No, it has been proven to be rather in-effective.

What weight loss diets have been debunked in the last decade?

Mostly fad diets such as the Sacred Heart diet and the cabbage soup diets have been debunked. These are extreme diets that are in no way healthy or maintainable. The detox diets have also been know to not last.

What is an example of an acne treatment product that is proven to work?

There are many different products that treat acne. Some are proven to work better than others. Proactive and Exposed Skin Care have both received great reviews and have been proven to work on different forms of acne.

What is a diet for the prevention of gallstones?

No clear relationship has been proven between diet and gallstone formation. However, low-fibre, high-cholesterol diets, and diets high in starchy foods have been suggested as contributing to gallstone formation. Try to avoid them. Check the wikipedia for A regimen called a "gallbladder flush"

Does extenzen male enhancement capsules work?

No male enhancement pills have been proven to work. Many are detrimental.

What is an empiric antibiotic regimen?

The treatment of a certain illness with an antibiotic that is not yet proven to work for this illness scientifically, but had been proven practically (ie by experience!)

What are the best diets for weight loss according to US News and World Report?

The US News and World Report states that the best diet that has been proven to work is Weight Watchers. The worst is the Jenny Craig diet. The DASH diet was rated fairly good.

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