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Choosing a cosmetic surgeon is a huge decision. To ensure that you make the right choice, there are a few questions that you must ask.

Your first question should be whether the surgeon is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. While there are several certifying boards, the ABPS is the most highly respected. You should also ask how much experience the surgeon has with the procedure and if you may see pictures of his or her past work. Experienced surgeons will have extensive portfolios of their past work. Pay careful attention to these photos, as they are a good example of the results you can expect from the surgeon.

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Q: What to Ask Before Choosing a Cosmetic Surgeon?
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Is he a certified cosmetic surgeon or self-proclaimed cosmetic surgeon?

You can check their credentials and ask for recommendation from previous customers, but to be safe, you can also visit legitimate sites.

Where can I find more information on cosmetic surgeons?

You definetly want to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon that has a good reputation. I would find practices in your area and then look the doctor up on rate my doctor websites. Also ask for references and before and after shots.

How To Find A Good Surgeon For Your Cosmetic Surgery Procedure?

If you are thinking about having any kind of cosmetic surgery procedure done, you need to find a competent cosmetic surgeon. The best way to find a good plastic surgeon is to do research. Find A Plastic Surgeon You Feel Comfortable With When you are comparing plastic surgeons, you should choose one that you feel comfortable with. Make appointments to meet with the doctors in person and get to know them. Find out what they are about. Choosing a plastic surgeon is a big decision, so take your time when you are comparing doctors. Find An Experienced, Educated Plastic Surgeon You should choose a plastic surgeon that has a lot of experience performing the kind of procedure that you want to get done. When you interview doctors, find out how what kind of background and experience they have before you choose one for your cosmetic surgery needs. You should only hire a plastic surgeon that is board-certified. Review Photos Before You Choose A Doctor You can visit plastic surgeon websites online to learn more about them. Many plastic surgeons post videos and photos of their work on their websites. You can also visit the plastic surgeons in person to view photos. If you are not satisfied with the photos you are presented with, you should definitely find a new plastic surgeon. Ask Questions Before you choose a plastic surgeon, you should ask questions about the cosmetic surgery procedure you want to have done. Find out where the operation will be performed. Inquire about the fees, and find out what risks are associated with the procedure. Ask the doctors what type of anesthesia will be used for the procedure. Jot down any questions you have before you meet with the doctors. Check to see if the doctors offer financing, payments plans, or lay-a-way plans. If you follow these tips, you will have an easier time selecting a good plastic surgeon that suits your needs.

Where can I found out about cosmetic surgery after weight loss?

There are several things you can do. Depending on where you live you can inquire at local cosmetic surgeon offices. Most cosmetic surgeons give a free consultation. Also, you can ask people you know for their recommendations on a local surgeon. Of course you can also look up local offices on the internet.

Can you take cialis the day before surgery?

Ask your surgeon.

Where can one go to find information on eyelid plastic surgery?

"Eyelid plastic surgery must be done by a cosmetic surgeon. You can go to a cosmetic surgery center in person to ask about it, or you can find out about it online."

Where can you get a liposculpture?

In order to get a liposculpture, you need to find a doctor that specializes in the procedure. You could inquire with a cosmetic surgeon near you whether or not they do the procedure, and if not, ask them to refer you to a doctor that does.

What Questions Should you Ask before Choosing A Liposuction Surgeon?

Decisions about liposuction should not be based solely on the cost of liposuction. The cheapest procedure might mean that the surgeon does the procedure quickly and incompletely. You should feel free to ask any question you have about liposuction. In fact, it is the patient's responsibility to make sure that all important questions have been asked and answered before making any final decisions about having liposuction.

How can you know the best certified doctors for cosmetic surgery?

well the best way is if you have other people you know that have had cosmetic surgery ask them who they recomend to you. also ask the doctor before the surgery (when you go in and meet him or her for the first time) ask how they did surgey on other people.

What is the cost for lower eyelid surgery?

Eyelid surgery is an excellent option for those people who look tired and unattractive because of their drooping eyelids. Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery aims to remove excess skin from the drooping top eyelids and bags from lower eyelids. How much this treatment costs, depends on several factors, including, the location, plastic surgery clinic, cosmetic surgeon, and so on. It is better to consult a highly trained cosmetic surgeon before undertaking this treatment. During your consultation with the surgeon, do not forget to ask him or her about the procedure, treatment cost, recovery and results.

Requirements for bariatric surgery.?

Choosing a bariatric surgeon is a tough decision to make. You should look for board certification from the one you choose. You should also ask the surgeon how many surgeries he has performed, and if the hospital is a ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence.

What to ask surgeon about thyroidectomy?

When planning for a thyroidectomy, a patient should ask how long the recovery time will be. It is also important to know what medications will be given before and after the surgery.

What is one of the first questions patients should ask their primary care provider when choosing a surgeon?

the degree of specialization required to perform a specific procedure as well as the reasons for having the operation.

What do you do for broken blood vessels on the face?

Go to a reputable cosmetic surgeon and ask about IPL!! Or Fraxel! Results are fantastic and away go the sun spots too! But don't try to be cheap; get referrals and check the doc out.

Who are some good cosmetic surgeons in NYC?

The best way to find a good cosmetic surgeon in NYC is to ask your primary physician. He or she may be able to recommend someone. You can also check the list of doctors covered under your insurance plan. Once you get a recommendation, you can look the doctor up online to see what his reputation is.

How long before you can drive when you have mircofracture surgery to your right knee?

Ask your doctor or surgeon. Only that person can tell you how long before you can drive when you have had any kind of surgery.

How can a hemoroid be removed?

going to a surgeon! (ask your doctor)

How can one find a good surgeon for breast reduction?

The best place to start looking for a quality surgeon would be by asking a GP or trusted family-doctor for any recommendations. It is better to ask a qualified doctor than to take advice from other sources as there are always malpractice law-suits relating to cosmetic procedures.

Where in the world is the best and cheapest for cosmetic surgery?

Ask Paris Hilton.

How can you choose the best cosmetic dentist?

The best way to choose a cosmetic dentist is to ask to see their previous work. They should have a portfolio which can help you with this.

Can you have an mri on your knee with rods in your back?

Ask your back surgeon.

Is your appendix taken out with hysterectomy?

Not usually but you could ask your surgeon.

How do I choose a cataract surgeon?

Ask friends and relatives for a recommendation. Pick a surgeon who has done hundreds of these surgeries with good outcomes.

What should a parathyroidectomy patient ask his surgeon about his qualifications?

What type of physician performs the surgery?Is the surgeon board certified in head and neck surgery?How many parathyroidectomy procedures has the surgeon performed?What is the surgeon's complication rate?

Should you stop using NuvaRing before rhinoplasty?

You should stop using hormonal birth control before surgery requiring prolonged bedrest. Ask your surgeon for information specific to your situation.