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There are many things that may cause a person to lose weight rapidly. Certain diseases such as cancer may have this effect. Extreme dieting will cause rapid weight loss as well.


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Many things could cause significant or rapid weight loss. Some are.... *Diet and exercise *Stress *Eating Disorder *Illness, thyroid condition *Taking up a new sport / exercise

Acne is not epidemic. That would mean it is being passed from person to person rapidly, cause an increase in the range and incidence of infections. Acne is endemic. That means that it is routinely found in the population.

The only safe rapid weight loss system would be one that is physician supervised. In general, weight should not be lost rapidly.

The weight of a person on Pluto would be equal to about 1/15 of their weight on Earth. As such, a person who weighs 100lbs on Earth would weigh about 6.67lbs on Pluto.You would weigh just 6.7 pounds on Pluto.

they would be 300,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

You wouldn't you would would use pounds or Lbs.Answer 2Yes you would definitely use Kg to measure the weight of a person.

A person would want to use an ideal weight calculator because it will tell them how much weight they need to gain or lose to reach the ideal weight for their height.

10000 poundsIf a person weights 100 lbs on earth what would they weight on Saturn ?

Bruce Lee's weight would fluctuate between 130 and 165 pounds. When he would weight train, he would build muscle which would cause a rise in his weight.

Rice is not particularly fattening; you would have to eat quite a lot of it for it to cause weight gain.

It is an appetite suppressant.

un detected illness like cancer can cause weight loss. probably other things but get to your doctor ASAP

Many times, a diuretic (water pill) can cause you to lose potassium rapidly. Make sure to eat your bananas!

The person would be about 89 kilograms in weight. The person would still have a mass of 100 kilograms, of course. The strict scientific unit of weight is the "newton" because that is the unit of force and weight exerts a force. The 100 kg person weighs 890 newtons on Venus. However, normally we say "kilograms" or "kilograms weight", as long as we are clear that weight and mass are different.

Primarily you would be asked to loose weight first, unless it is not weight related.

Yes, weight loss is a symptom of AIDS. No STD would have only this effect. If any do cause you to lose weight, it would also come with other very nasty effects that you would NOT want to have, so please avoid them at all costs!

Starving to lose weight is very dangerous. A person can lose weight rapidly, but it comes with a great health toll and can be fatal. It is also a sign of the eating disorder anorexia. Doing so, the weight is often regained very qickly once normal eating is restored. The best and proper way to lose weight would be with moderate diet and exercise.

A person at that height and weight would have a BMI of 23.4, which is in the healthy weight range.

Yes. It would cause the horse to dislike the person hooting him.

Chemo affects cells that rapidly reproduce, including hair. This means it would cause all of the hair on the body to fall out.

The answer depends on the person's weight on Earth but each pound's weight on Earth would be equivalent to 0.376 pound's weight on Mars.

No. It reduces swelling so I wouldn't think it would effect weight.

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