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Q: When riding a bike on a full stomach why do you cramp up and what two body systems are envolved?
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Is it better to run with an empty or full stomach?

Neither. You should have something in your stomach, and settled, but you should not be full (you will get sick) or empty (your stomach will cramp).

Will a panda get sick after eating a taco?

No. Not necesarily. They may get a light stomach cramp.

How does your stomach feel at 5 weeks of pregnancy?

I'm about 5 weeks pregnant and I have a subtle stomach cramp in the upper part of my belly.

Why does the left side of my stomach hurt when i bend down or sit up?

this can be caused by cramp

Why does your stomach gurgle on your left side and cramp sometimes before a bowel movement?

Your stomach is on the left side of your body and cramp sometimes will happen if you haven't had enough calcium In actual fact it is not your stomach that you are referring to, but your abdomen of which your stomach is just one part. The gurgle and cramp before a bowel movement is usually due to peristalsis (the normal progressive contractions of bowel) in the left flexure of the greater colon as it forces air and faeces round this difficult bend into the descending colon. All this is an essential part of the final bowel movement.

What causes my child's stomach to cramp after having her tonsils removed?

Ask your doctor - not an anonymous web-site !

Do you cramp when spotting?

Cramping when you spot before or after your period is perfectly normal but it doesn't happen to every female. If you cramp when you spot you could try placing a hot water bottle against your stomach and rest for a while.

Is it bad to run after eating?

It is not likely a bad thing. You may get a stomach cramp for five minutes but it will go away after a light sprint.

What system removes the cause of the cramp?

resting, like taking a nap or just laying on a heating pad, on your back or stomach that really helps

What happens when you have a stomach cramp?

You might experience the dry heaves, or you might vomit.

Is it better to do an ab workout with an empty or full stomach?

Somewhat empty. If you just finish eating before you exercise, you'll cramp up easier.

I am 9 weeks pregnant and am having stomach cramps?

as long as your not bleeding with the pain everythhing should be ok....its normal to cramp because your uterus is streaching