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US Fidelis offers insurance for auto-repairs. They pay the repair shop while you pay your monthly insurance cost to them

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Q: Where can i get insurance that covers all auto repairs ?
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Will your car be covered for repairs if you didnt get into an accident?

Auto insurance only covers sudden and accidental damages to your vehicle. Wear and tear would not be considered sudden and accidental. Though with all things insurance, it is always best to speak with your insurance company directly to find out if a certain item is covered or not.

What is sr22 insurance and how effect is it?

SR22 Insurance is just auto insurance with an sr22 certificate filing attached to it. It can be just liability state minimums or you can have full coverage just like any other auto insurance policy that covers all of the mayhem that is out there (remember the All State commercials?).

Do all business owners need commercial auto insurance?

The only time you would not need it is if your personal auto insurance policy already covers you for your business use. If they would not cover then you need to purchase commercial insurance for that vehicle.

Business Auto Insurance?

form_title=Business Auto Insurance form_header=Business auto insurance covers vehicles used for all types of business purposes. Hit the road today with the right insurance plan for your business. How many autos will be insured?=_ How is this vehicles(s) used in normal business practices?=_

What freeway insurances are availiable?

There is no difference between freeway insurance and any other type of auto insurance. Once you are covered by your regular car insurance, it covers all roads, even freeways.

Will full coverage car insurance cover electrical?

Physical Damage coverage on an auto policy covers all parts of the car that are damaged in a covered loss or covered accident. Maintenance issues are not covered on auto insurance.

How many bids should you get when need collision repairs?

When you have experienced an accident which involves costly repairs, it is advisable to get estimates from at least three auto repair shops. These three estimates are for insurance purposes as well as keeping all parties involved honest about the repairs needed.

Is comprehensive car insurance recommended for a brand new car?

Comprehensive auto insurance covers all physical damage to car. If you car is brand new, then the scratch-free paint job is an asset. If you get comprehensive auto insurance, you can claim damages when your car will eventually get scratched in the course of use.

If your spouse was not listed on your policy and had an accident in your vehicle that has full coverage does your policy cover repairs on it?

Your auto insurance automatically covers all family members that live in the household. However, by not listing your spouse as a driver you have not disclosed all the licensed drivers in the household, which is one of the questions on the application. Since the premiums you have paid did not reflect all the correct information, the insurance company may back charge you premium for not having him/her on the policy.

What are some names of companies that do online auto insurance quotes?

Geico, Esurance, The General Auto Insurance and Progressive all provide online auto insurance quotes.

Where can one shop for auto insurance?

There are various places that one can shop for auto insurance. There are many companies out there today such as All State, Geico and State Farm for auto insurance.

Is there a website that can list all auto insurance quotes from varies insurance companies?

You should go to There you will be able to find all the auto insurance quotes from all the major car companies.

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