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Q: Who is the fastest great white hammerhead or whale shark?
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What are the major differences and similarities between a hammerhead shark and a whale shark?

the hammerhead shark is different from the whale shark because a hammerhead has an hammer for a head and the hammerhead are mean, whale sharks are friendly.

What will attack a hammerhead shark or eat a hammerhead shark?


What covers a hammerhead shark?

a whale

What cover a hammerhead shark?

a whale

Is pearl from spongebob a whale or hammerhead shark?

Pearl is a Whale.

How is the whale shark and the hammerhead shark alike?

they both are sharks

Can a hammerhead shark eat a killer whale?


Can a hammerhead shark kill a killer whale?


Which is the biggest out of tiger shark, whale shark, and hammerhead shark?

I need to know...

What are the names of some types of sharks?

whale shark Great white Hammerhead Reef Nurse

What type of sharks live in Australia?

There are a number of sharks found in Australia. These include the Great White shark, the Whale shark, the Tiger shark, the Great Hammerhead shark, and the Grey Nurse.

Who swims the fastest the shark or the flounder?

a whale

Which is bigger a whale shark or a Great White Shark?

a Whale Shark

Kinds of sharks?

There are many different species of sharks all over the world. Some of the most common are; great white shark, hammerhead, tiger shark, whale shark, bull shark and megamouth shark.

If a hammer head shark and a killer whale fight who would win and why?

A killer whale would win all the way. The biggest specie of hammerhead shark the great hammerhead can measure up to 6.1 metres where as an adult male killer whale can measure from 6-9.7 metres so killer whales are usually bigger and packed with muscle. As well as this a killer whales are faster with a top speed of 35 mph whereas a hammerhead can swim at about 25mph also the killer whale can put a hammerhead shark into tonic immobility.

Name some predators in the ocean?

Some predators in the ocean are the Great white shark, hammerhead shark, bull shark, and even the whale shark, but warning, these are not the only predators out there in the deep blue sea, there is also the killer whale, or better known as the Orca.

Which is bigger whale shark or the great white shark?

Whale sharks are bigger

What is bigger a whale shark or a great white shark?

a whale shark is bigger but the white shark is more dangerous

Who can win a killer whale or great white shark?

great white shark because the shark could eat the inside of a whale

Is there a whale called a great white whale?

No but there is a Great White Shark.

What is the least dangerous shark?

it's the basking shark or the horn shark or the hammerhead shark or the zebra shark or the whale sharkIt's the whale shark. Even though it's the largest shark, it eats plankton and you can even hitch a ride on one!The least dangerous shark is definitely no the least dangerous shark!!! The least dangerous shark is the whale shark.

Does a shark have anything to do with whale sharks?

Yes. A whale shark is a shark. It is known as a whale shark because of its great size, that is comparable to that of larger whales.

Which is the heavier shark between a Whale Shark and a Great White?

Whale shark. It is the biggest fish in the sea.

Is a great white shark bigger than a whale shark?

No a Whale Shark can get up to 50 feet

What is bigger the whale shark or the great white shark?

The whale shark by far. The whale shark has been recorded up to about 59 feet whereas the great white can be up to around 21ft.